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Data Usage

Know, understand & monitor your household's data usage.
See your current and historical usage with the
Data Usage Meter in My Account.

  • Learn About Data Usage
  • Tips to Optimize Usage
  • Tools to Manage Data
  • Know Your Data

    The average household today has more than 6 connected devices using data for social networking, streaming video or music, gaming, web surfing, emailing, uploading photos or video chatting. All of this online activity, or data usage, consumes bandwidth. Data usage is the total amount of data transferred between your device and the Internet. This includes streaming video, downloading files, downloading software updates, and streaming music. It also includes uploading files such as photos to sites like Instagram and Facebook and backing up documents to Cloud services such as Dropbox. In some circumstances, viruses, spyware, malware or an open, unsecured WiFi network accessed by non-household members can drive data usage.

    Data Usage

    Your Data Usage Is Based on Your Online Activity, Not Time Spent Online

    The amount of data you use is based on what  you’re doing online, not on the amount of time you spend online. For example, streaming a 30 minute HD TV show will use more data than spending two hours on Facebook and checking emails.

    In most households, the majority of data use can be attributed to streaming movies and television shows. Most of Cox's High Speed Internet packages include a sizable data plan with 1 TB of data each month. The overwhelming majority of Cox customers are currently on a data plan that meets their needs every month.

    You can estimate your household's data needs with the Data Usage Calculator. Current Cox customers can also view their current and past data usage by logging in and viewing their Data Usage Meter or downloading the Cox Connect mobile app.

    See Your Data Usage
    Data Usage

    What's a Gig?

    A Gigabyte, or "Gig" is a standard unit used to measure data transferred between your network and the Internet. It is sometimes represented as simply GB. We calculate your monthly data usage based on the number of gigabytes used.

    How Big is a Gig?

    With just 1 Gigabyte you could, on average, do any one of the following:

    • Download 100,000 emails
    • Play over 500 hours of online poker
    • Download about 250 songs
    • View 200 3-minute videos
    • Watch five 45-minute TV shows
    • Stream over 30 hours of radio
    • Stream nearly 2 hours of standard definition TV

    Most Cox Internet Packages include a monthly 1 TB data plan. Here’s an example of all you can do with 1 TB (1,024 GB) in a given month without exceeding the data plan.

    • Watch 140 two-hour HD movies
    • Watch 300 half-hour standard definition TV shows
    • Watch 1,500 three-minute videos
    • Surf the web for 3,000 hours
    • Listen to 30,000 songs that are 4-minutes long each

    Visit our Data Plans & Usage Support page for more information on what impacts usage and how to get the most out of your service.

    Learn About Your Plan
    Data Usage

    Discover More on Data Usage
  • Getting the Most from Your Service

    No matter how you spend time online, follow these tips to optimize your usage and maximize your monthly investment.

    Preventative Measures
    Preventative Measures
    • Check your equipment: Is it up-to-date and virus free? If you notice a sharp increase in usage but there hasn't been a notable change in your family's Internet use, then one of your Internet-enabled devices might have a virus or malware that could increase your usage. With our free Cox Security Suite powered by McAfee, you can regularly scan to help protect devices from viruses or spyware. The security service also allows you to check if your software is up-to-date.

    • Secure your home network: Other people outside of your home could be using up your data if your home WiFi network is not secure. Ensure your Wireless Home Network is password protected.

    • Be aware: Know how others in your home use the Internet connection. And know that all devices connected to the Internet use data – from your computer, iPad and smartphone to your TV and stereo. Also, your computer may be sending or receiving data even if you are not actively using your Internet service. For example, your computer or device could be automatically downloading operating system updates, security software updates, and application updates like iTunes, games, etc. If you use a cloud-based storage service and have configured that service for automatic uploads to back up files, this will also increase your data usage.

    • Streaming Video: Streaming video, such as content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, typically accounts for the highest data usage. Some video streaming providers default to High Definition which uses at least two times as much data as Standard Definition. Consider changing your default setting to Standard Definition to reduce data usage.

    • Minimize multi-tasking: Disconnect from streaming services when not in use. Close programs when finished. Running several programs at once can cause slowdowns.

    • Choose medium-quality photos: When emailing or uploading, smaller photos use less data. Take advantage of tools that allow you to compress or resize photos.

    • Take advantage of available tools: Access the Data Usage CalculatorData Usage Meter, Cox Connect mobile app and more to help you manage your Data Plan. 
    Data Usage Tweaks
  • More on Tools

    Make use of these easy to use tools to help manage your data

    Data Usage Meter
    Data Usage Meter

    The Data Usage Meter is available to all Cox High Speed Internet customers and provides an easy way to check your daily, monthly and historical High Speed Internet data usage at any time.

    Located in a secure area of the website, the Data Usage Meter must be accessed via login with your User ID and Password. If you don't yet have a User ID, please visit our Account Registration and Preferences article to learn how to set one up.

    Cox Connect App

    Keep track of your data usage on the go with the Cox Connect mobile app. You can view current and past data usage. Download the Cox Connect app now for iOS and Android.

    Download Cox Connect on the App Store Download Cox Connect on Google Play
    Data Usage Meter on the Cox Connect App

    Data Usage Calculator
    Data Usage Calculator

    Use the Data Usage Calculator to learn how different online activities affect your monthly usage. Make sure to include all devices and activities from your household to get near accurate estimate of your usage.

    Data Usage Alerts

    In markets where applicable, you will receive alerts to keep you informed about your data usage. Cox will attempt to notify you by email and Cox browser alert when you have used 85% and 100% of your Data Plan. If you continue to use more data, we will attempt to notify you again if you reach 125% of your Data Plan. Please verify that we have your preferred email address for email notifications. Visit My Account to update the email address in your profile.

    Data Usage Alerts

Learn About Your Plan

Visit Cox Support to learn more about data usage and how it impacts the data plan with your Cox High Speed Internet service.

Learn About Your Plan

How Much Data You Use

Monitor your household's daily, monthly or historical data usage with the Data Usage Meter.

See Your Data Usage

Manage Your Usage

Learn how different online activities affect your monthly usage with the Data Usage Calculator.

Calculate Your Usage


Internet service details. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.

Each Cox Internet plan includes a specified data usage amount per month – Starter: 1TB (1,024 GB); Essential: 1TB (1,024 GB); Preferred 100: 1TB (1,024 GB); Premier: 1TB (1,024 GB); Ultimate: 1TB (1,024 GB). Data usage in excess of plan may result in a $10 charge for up to 50 GB of additional data and for each additional 50 GB block. Unused data does not roll over. See also Speeds and Data Plans Information for High Speed Internet Service in any Cox location for details. See cox.com/datausage for complete details. Prices, and/or when applicable contracts, may differ from those presented here as a result of existing customer pricing, customer's specific service address, and/or contract related updates. New seasonal pricing is effective beginning in 2015; customers currently on an active seasonal program will not be affected by the new pricing on their seasonally suspended services. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply.
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