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Panoramic Wifi Gateway

It’s a modem. It’s a router. It’s a wifi lifesaver.

Connect to a smarter wifi experience

Now, you can get the fastest speeds from your Internet plan every day. See how the Panoramic Wifi Gateway uses advanced technology to up your online experience.

Put your wifi devices in the fast lane

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway’s router gives your high-use devices the bandwidth they need to run smoothly by using a technique called Band Steering. This encourages smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs to use the Gateway’s higher capacity GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz band.

Find the right channels

Say goodbye to spotty Internet connections. The gateway automatically chooses the best wifi frequencies for surfing, streaming and sharing.

Go super-fast with Gigablast

Want our fastest Internet service in your home? No problem—the gateway supports our Gigablast Internet. 

Two devices in one  

You’ll have one less piece of equipment to worry about with the Panoramic Wifi Gateway since it’s both a modem and a router.  

Gateway placement

Location, location, location

The quality of your Panoramic Wifi Gateway’s wifi signal depends on where you put it. Check out some tips and tricks to help find the best spot for your Gateway modem/router:

Because routers send out a signal in all directions, moving your Gateway into a central area will help you get the most wifi coverage.

Routers tend to send wifi signals downward, so it’s best to keep your Gateway as high as possible. Try placing it on a bookshelf or mounting it on the wall.

Keeping your Gateway in a cupboard or closet will reduce wifi speed and the distance your signal will travel.

Water can absorb wifi signal, reducing its reach. Also, your wifi signal will bounce off or reflective surfaces like mirrors, windows and stainless steel appliances, leading to a loss of network range.

Placing your Gateway near thick walls, large obstructions, other electronics or wifi devices can cause signal interference. 

Panoramic Wifi Gateway Rental

We’re only a phone call away

Whenever you rent a Panoramic Wifi Gateway from us, get free in-home wifi support by calling 877-891-2899

Explore more about Internet speed

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