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diy automation install

Smart home improvement you can take on

Add more smart to your home

Shop Homelife for new smart devices and we’ll ship them right to you. All you have to do is install and pair your devices with the Homelife app. It’s that simple. See how.

Devices you can install yourself

Make your smart home even smarter with some new gadgets you can set up. We’re happy to help once you get under the hood.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Go ahead, forget to turn the lights off. Now you can dim lights or turn them on/off in a tap from anywhere. How to install Smart LED Light Bulbs.

Smart Door Locks

Lose your keys? No big deal. Now you can lock or unlock your doors wherever. How to install Smart Door Locks.

Smart Plugs

Turn your lamp or small appliance into a smart device just by plugging it in and controlling it with the Homelife app. How to install Smart Plugs.

HD Cameras

Keep an eye on your home and everything in it with these crystal-clear indoor HD Cameras. How to install HD Cameras.

using the homelife app

Start smart with the app

Open the Homelife app to set up your smart lights, cameras, plugs and more. Just log in with your Cox User ID and Password to pair your devices. 

See if your device is supported.

Download Homelife App on the App Store icon in colorDownload Homelife App From Google Play Store

installing smart lights

How to install smart LED light bulbs

Follow these steps to shed a little light on installation:


  1. Check requirements
  2. To pair your Smart LED Light Bulb with your Homelife hub, screw the bulb into a standard light socket (medium, type E26)
  3. Turn on the light
  4. When the light begins pulsing, it’s in pairing mode
  5. Look to your Cox Homelife app to finish the pairing process
  6. Your paired light bulb will display on the Manage Device screen
  7. Tap Edit to give your new lights a name (hallway, living room, etc.)
  8. Learn how to use your smart lights
  9. Learn how to set light schedules
  10. Troubleshoot smart lights installation (if needed)

installing smart door locks

How to set up Smart Door Locks

Get full control of your door locks in a few steps:


  1. Check requirements
  2. Check door compatibility
  3. Once installed (before attaching back cover), pair the lock to your Homelife hub.
  4. Press the A button 4 times until the red and amber lights appear, meaning it’s in pairing mode
  5. Learn how to program user codes and use your Smart Door Locks
  6. Get started with this guide
  7. Learn how to set Rules
  8. Troubleshoot Smart Door Locks installation (if needed)

installing smart plugs

How to set up Smart Plugs

It’s time to get your plugs ready to pair:


  1. Plug your Smart Plug into a nearby electrical outlet
  2. Press the device button to turn it on
  3. The light will begin to blink
  4. Once on, it will automatically enter pairing mode
  5. When blue light on plug begins to blink, it’s in pairing mode
  6. Sign in to your Cox Homelife app to finish
  7. On the Overview screen, tap the More tab
  8. On the More screen, tap manage Devices
  9. On the Manage Devices screen, tap Add Devices
  10. On the Add Devices screen, tap the Lights icon
  11. Follow the instructions on screen to power up and pair your Smart Plug
  12. Once your plug is paired with the Homelife hub, you can move it wherever you want
  13. Learn how to use your Smart Plugs
  14. Learn how to set Rules
  15. Troubleshoot Smart Plugs installation (if needed)

hd cameras

How to set up and use your HD Cameras

Not sure how to get started with your HD cameras? Here’s some helpful instructions:

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