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A smarter, easier way of life

Our products are designed to work together to bring you and your family a fully-connected home experience that runs just the way you want. Take a look at how it all works and learn about some of the cool things you maybe didn’t know your home could do.


Better together

A connected house is made up of multiple Cox products that can connect and communicate with each other. Together, these products can bring you new smart home features for some added convenience, security and entertainment. Your connected home brings two or more of our services into one streamlined network:


Internet with Panoramic Wifi


Contour TV

Icon homelife with lock

Homelife Automation & Security



Smart Convenience features

Check out some of the ways your smart devices work together to make life a little easier (and more awesome).

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Check front door camera from your TV

Your Homelife HD Camera connects to Contour TV so that you don’t have to get off the couch to see that someone’s dropping off deliveries or the kids’ friends are coming over.

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Unlock the door when guests arrive early

When you’re not home in time to welcome out-of-town guests or home repair workers, let them in using the Homelife app and Smart Door Lock (plus, you can see when they arrive with the HD Camera).

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Set up “Welcome Home” mode with Scenes

As you’re coming home from work, just tap once in your app to turn on the lights, unlock the front door and disarm the security system. You can control several devices at once with personalized Scenes through the Homelife app.

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Pull up the wifi password on your TV

When guests want to connect to wifi, say “what’s my wifi password” into the Contour Voice Remote and it will display your Panoramic Wifi password on the TV screen for easy access.

Smart Security features

Let your products keep things in check at home—that’s one less thing to worry about.

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Keep your family safe 24/7

Take total control of your home’s safety, even when you’re away, using the Homelife app. Your devices are professionally monitored for extra peace of mind, and you can set up notifications for all your smart home devices from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to water and motion sensors.

Icon Homelife automation in blue green gradient

Check in on pets & see when kids get home from school

The Homelife HD Camera connects to your Homelife app so you can keep an eye on what’s going on at home while you’re at work, away on vacation or whenever you get a security alert.

Panoramic wifi pod with iphone showing advanced security enabled

Protect your wifi-connected devices

Your Panoramic Wifi comes with free Advanced Security that lets you keep tabs on your family’s network safety and sends automatic alerts when a digital threat is detected.

Door opening and device showing customizable door chime

Keep tabs on your protected doors

With personalized door chimes, you’ll know whenever someone opens or closes a protected door in your home. Plus, add your own touch by choosing from sounds like chimes, beeps, fun animal noises or crowd applause.

Smart Entertainment features

Make your place the ultimate go-to for everything fun with these smart home tricks.

Homelife monitor remote control free movies

Say it and play it

Spend less time searching and more time watching. The Contour Voice Remote lets you speak up to quickly find shows, record with DVR and even get recommendations when you don’t know what to watch next.

Homelife monitor remote control popcorn dim the lights

Set the mood for movie night from the couch

While you decide on what to watch, use the Contour Voice Remote to control your Homelife smart devices and make things comfortable: dim the lights, lower the thermostat, lock the door and even start the popcorn with a connected smart plug.  

Homelife router monitor

Get stronger gaming connections

Elite Gamer helps you stay ahead of the competition by automatically finding the fastest path to game servers to reduce lag, jitter and ping spikes (included with Panoramic Wifi).

Homelife smart device in hand with ipad

Watch TV from any device

From the basement to the kids’ rooms, you can turn on your favorite shows from any room in the house by connecting Contour TV to your device with the Contour app

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