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Cox Outage Information 

Is Cox down right now?

You’re our customer, and Cox works hard to provide you with the most reliable network possible. But sometimes trouble happens. And when it does, we want to get you back up to speed ASAP, starting with these quick troubleshooting tips. Sign in to your account on Cox.com or on the Cox app to check for outages in your area, along with notifications and updates.

Get automated 24/7 support for your service connection with Cox SmartHelp

Get quick internet and cable TV support without having to call, navigate multiple telephone prompts, or talk to multiple agents.

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Easy troubleshooting

Just open the Cox app or My Account, and we will automatically scan your services and notify you of any issues. Plus, you can run a manual scan anytime by pressing the “Help” button.

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Step-by-step guidance

Once SmartHelp identifies an issue, we’ll walk you through the steps to try to get you up and running again. If service is out, sit tight and know that the Cox team is already working to restore it.

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Backed by our team

If SmartHelp can’t find the answers you need, it will connect you to one of our agents for further assistance.  

Two easy ways to get SmartHelp

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The Cox App

Open the Cox app to access SmartHelp, manage your services, pay bills, check data usage and much more.

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My Account

To check for outages and access SmartHelp via the web, log in to My Account with your Cox User ID and Password. You'll see a real-time SmartHelp update on your account home page or My Equipment page.

What to do if there’s a network outage

In this case, Cox is aware of the outage and is working hard to restore your service, so don’t worry about trying to contact us.  

Here are some helpful tips while the outage is being resolved:


Do not reset or reboot your equipment—this may cause additional problems.


Sign up to receive a text notification once the outage is resolved. Simply submit your mobile number in the My Account outage alert or the Cox app.


If you have Cox Homelife Security, your security system will still function on a cellular backup until internet connection is restored.  


Need to stay connected? Enjoy free access to 4M+ Cox Hotspots nationwide if you have  Cox Internet Preferred or higher.


Want to stream a show while you wait? Watch TV live and On Demand with the Contour app—free with a Cox TV subscription.

What to do if there’s not a network outage

If you don’t see an outage alert in My Account or the Cox app, your service disruption may not be caused by a network outage. In that case, you can turn to SmartHelp for more automated troubleshooting assistance or try these potential solutions.



Double check that your monthly bill payments are up to date—late payments could cause a service interruption


Check your devices for connectivity. Then try rebooting your personal device, and if that doesn’t work, try rebooting your gateway.


Secure the cables and cords connected between your equipment, devices and walls, and test that outlets are working and a fuse hasn’t blown.


Make sure your gateway is located properly. Ideally it should be in a central location, at a height of 3 feet or above.


If your TV or phone isn’t working, make sure your TV is on the right input & your cordless phone batteries are charged.

Outage FAQs

To find out if your Cox internet is down, you can check for any outage alerts by accessing SmartHelp through My Account or by opening the Cox app. You’ll see any outage alerts at the top of your screen.

To see if there’s a Cox outage near you, you can check for any outage alerts by accessing SmartHelp through My Account or by opening the Cox app. You’ll see any outage alerts at the top of your screen. 

Cox is aware of most outages, and on top of the situation. Before reporting a Cox outage, check to see if there is an outage in your area by logging in to My Account or opening the Cox app and checking the alert messages at the top of the screen. If you still have questions, please contact us.

To find out if you're experiencing an outage with your Cox cable service, please visit My Account.

Not currently, but you can check if an outage in your area is affecting you by logging in to My Account or opening the Cox app.

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