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Cox Panoramic Wifi


Cox Panoramic Wifi



Laptop with wifi symbol in center icon in white

Advanced wifi security

Help protect your connected devices

Connecting with Panoramic Wifi

Free extra network security

Advanced Security is a smarter, more personalized way to safeguard your home wifi network from the dangers that live on the web. This is a free service for Panoramic Wifi users available through the Panoramic Wifi app.

Panoramic Wifi Gateway equipment in white with blue green gradient circle on right

Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Advanced Security is compatible with the following Panoramic Wifi Gateway models: Technicolor CGM4141, Technicolor CGM4331 and Arris TG1682.*

Mobile device with Panoramic Wifi app Advanced Security tab open on screen

Panoramic Wifi app

Start monitoring your devices, get network notifications and more. You can turn on Advanced Security by logging in to the Panoramic Wifi app.

Advanced security features

Protect your data. Protect your home.

Help prevent cyber attacks

The system will let you know if you’re accidentally visiting a malicious site or are a potential victim of a phishing attack.  

Block unknown connections

If an unknown or dangerous source is trying to access your smart devices, Advanced Security will restrict access on the spot.  

Secure your smart devices

Your network is scanned for threats 24/7, and you’ll receive an alert if any suspicious activity or danger is detected on your device.

Easy set up

Log into the Panoramic Wifi app to start enabling Advanced Security— no additional hardware or software required.


Switch on an extra layer of security

Enabling Advanced Security is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.



Number 1 circle icon

After logging into the Panoramic Wifi app, tap on the Secure Your Network card on the home screen. (If you don't happen to see a card on the home screen, then go to the Connect tab at the botton of your app's screen and select the Advanced Security card)

Number 2 circle icon

Then select the Turn on button at the bottom of the screen

Number 3 circle icon

It will go through the process of turning on Advanced Security and end with being activated once you see a Got it button at the bottom

Number 4 circle icon

After it's complete, Advanced Security will help to keep your wifi network and wifi connected devices protected!


Your wifi command center

Download the Panoramic Wifi app to personalize your settings, control devices and safeguard your network with Advanced Security.


Download Contour App on the App Store icon in color Download Contour App From Google Play Store


Stop dangerous activity in its tracks

The Advanced Security system is constantly looking out for you and your network safety by monitoring the activity and traffic flow of connected devices. When a potential threat or attack is detected, it’s instantly blocked and you’ll receive a notification with tips on how to resolve the issue.


Here are the 5 risks to know

The technology behind Advanced Security monitors your network and helps protect you from several types of digital threats.

Unauthorized access attempts

If an unrecognized user tries to connect to a device on your home network, they’ll be blocked and recorded in your Threat History.

Unsafe site visit

The system may stop your device from visiting a site if it suspects it contains any form of malware, spyware or virus.

Suspicious device activity

Your device’s traffic patterns are monitored in real-time, so if something seems off, the system will block the activity to avoid data theft.   

Targeted network attack

Any attempt to attack your network, or an outside source using your network in an attack, will be shut down on the spot.

IP reputation threats

When sources that have been previously flagged as dangerous make access attempts to your devices, they are automatically blocked.


Real-time alerts for ultimate network safety

Get push notifications on the different types of alerts for your home wifi network. You'll be able to see any new notification activity in the Notifications Center.




Log into the Panoramic Wifi app


Tap profile icon in the top left corner


Under the Notifications section, tap Notification Preferences


Check the box next to Network Access to get app notifications about changes in wifi settings that may impact your home wifi network. Then press Apply changes to save the settings


You can also check the box next to Network Activity so you're notified when a device first joins your home wifi network, or if a profile is nearing the end of the active time you set for it. Press Apply Changes to save 


Make sure things are running smooth

Check in on your network’s safety status any time with the Advanced Security dashboard. This gives you a big-picture view into how your network is doing, along with a list of threats and affected devices from the past seven days.


The easy way to deal with digital dangers

When unusual activity is detected on your network’s devices, there are two types of threat alerts: awareness-only and action required. See below for how to manage both types of security threats.

Threats like suspicious site visits don’t require any action on your end, but the system will still alert you so you’re never in the dark about your network’s safety. To view additional details for awareness-only threats, select the affected device on your Advanced Security card under the Connect tab for the full recap

Targeted network attacks, suspicious device activity or unauthorized access attempts may require you to take further action. In this case, you’ll see an alert at the top of your Advanced Security dashboard with information about the device(s) that need your attention. Select the affected device to get full details about the threat and instructions on what to do next.

How to resolve security threats

Take action against cyber risks

It’s important to get ahead of threats; or if already dealing with one, to cut it off from your network. See below for some tips on how to resolve and get ahead of security threats.

Hardware tips

If one of your network’s devices is affected, use Advanced Security to pause its access or disconnect to stop putting other devices at risk. Also be sure to check your port forwards to ensure there are no potential access for malicious attackers.

Software tips

Installing an antivirus software and running scheduled scans is one of the best ways to defend your devices. Keep the software or firmware updated on all your devices, and restart your device after the update.

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*If you have a different Panoramic Wifi gateway, see cox.com/upgrademymodem to upgrade your device at no additional charge.

A subscription to any level of Cox Residential Internet service with Panoramic Wifi (Technicolor CGM4141 or Arris TG1682) is required.

*Cox cannot guarantee the intended results from the McAfee® services or that the McAfee® software will be error-free, free from interruptions or other failures. The McAfee® services and features are subject to change. McAfee® is a registered trademark of McAfee®, Inc.

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Prices, and/or when applicable, term agreements, may differ from those presented here as a result of customer’s existing account features, such as pricing, packages, term agreements, or service address. Pricing, packages, and policies are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.