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Laptop with wifi symbol in center icon in white


Run your home network with ease

How the Panoramic Wifi app works

Learn how to get the most out of your home wifi network with the Panoramic Wifi app.


Organize devices

Go ahead, name your family’s devices. It’ll be easier to control them in the Panoramic Wifi app.

Hunt down the wifi hogs

If someone’s using more than their share of the data, you can find them in a flash and set limitations.

Control wifi settings

It’s your wifi, you make the rules. You can even pause everyone’s devices at dinner.

Protect your devices

Turn on Advanced Security to safeguard your home network from online threats.

Download the Panoramic Wifi app

Your wifi control center is just a tap away

To download the app, search your app store for "Panoramic Wifi" or "Cox Wifi." 

Download Contour App on the App Store icon in color Download Contour App From Google Play Store

Setting up the Panoramic Wifi app

Rule your wifi network in 5 easy steps

Follow these simple steps to get to know your home's wifi network. Learn more about Panoramic Wifi app tips.




Download the app.


Sign in with your Cox user ID and password. Register here for an account if you don’t already have one.


Name your network by selecting the WiFi tab, then WiFi details at the top. Tap Edit WiFi settings, edit your details then tap Save to apply the changes.


Create profiles for your family members by opening the WiFi tab and select Add a person.


Assign devices to your family members' profiles by opening the WiFi tab, selecting a connected device, and then tapping Assign this device. Next, you can Assign to a person by choosing a profile, then select Save to apply the changes.

Get to know your dashboard

Download and sign into the Panoramic Wifi app; you’ll see a dashboard that gives you easy ways to manage your home network.

Laptop icon with wifi symbol in center in blue green gradient


See your wifi/name/password and network activity, troubleshoot connection issues and more.

Globe wire icon in blue green gradient


View your network connection and Gateway status, plus manage all your connected devices and create user profiles.

Square with plus in center icon in blue green gradient inside white circle


Review recent activity, turn on Advanced Security and add compatible smart devices.

Silhouette icon in blue green gradient


View notifications, change notification preferences and get support with helpful articles.

What can you do with the Panoramic Wifi app

Learn how to be a wifi boss

Getting notifications

There are two types of notifications to keep you updated; network access alerts you when a change is made that impacts your network, and network activity alerts you when a new device joins your network. You can opt in to receive these home network notifications in real time through email, SMS or push notifications on your mobile device. Access the Notification Center by going to the Account tab then tapping Notification Center.

Help your guests connect

The Share Wifi feature in the app lets your guests instantly connect to your network. To start, go to the WiFi tab and then tap the WiFi details button. They can either scan the QR code to connect, or you can unhide the password for guests to manually type in the network password.

Monitor cyber threats

Turn on Advanced Security in your app to protect your connected devices from online threats. You'll receive automatic alerts when a threat is detected, and you can view the status of your network and see history. Go to the Home tab then select Advanced Security. Learn more

Manage devices

With the Panoramic Wifi app in your hands, you’re in charge. From the WiFi tab, you can set limits and controls for different devices, and personalize settings to promote healthy online habits.

To pause an individual device, simply select the unpaused device and then select Pause Device. You can either pause for a specific amount of time (like 30 minutes, one hour, etc,) or indefinitely until you choose to unpause.

This allows you to automatically pause wifi access over your home network during scheduled times for all devices assigned to a profile. To create a downtime schedule, select a person's Settings page and select Create Schedule next to Downtime. Then, you can select the type of schedule you wish to set (examples can be Anytime, Bedtime, Homework and Dinner). After picking a schedule, select Next to specify which days the schedule applies to. On the next screen, you can pick start and end times, then Apply to save the changes.

An active Time Alert lets you know how long a profile is active on your home network and helps your family promote healthy internet habits. To set up an Active Time Alert, visit the profile you’d like to set an alert for, tap the Settings gear icon, select Set up an Active Time Limit and tap Get Started. You can then choose Weekdays or Weekends and adjust the bar to set the active time limit.

First, create a profile and assign your child’s devices to it. Once created, select the profile, then select the Settings gear icon in top right corner. Next select Parental Controls, then tap Turn On to allow access to content deemed appropriate for all ages.

To remove a device from a profile, select the desired profile under the Connected to your WiFi section from the WiFi tab. Scroll to down to Assigned Devices, tap Unassign, then tap the Trash Can icon next to the selected device.

Troubleshoot network and device issues

The Panoramic Wifi app helps you solve connectivity issues, find answers to frequently asked questions and find useful video tutorials.


Restart Gateway

In the WiFi tab, select Troubleshoot, then tap Restart your Gateway. This can take up to 12 minutes. During this time, you won’t be able to use your home network, connect to the internet or stream video from wifi.

Add/activate Gateway

In the Account tab, scroll down to the Devices section and then, select Activate Panoramic Wifi Gateway. Tap Get Started to begin activation. The entire process should not take longer than 20 minutes.

Troubleshoot device on network

Under the WiFi tab, select Troubleshoot then Test your whole home network to do a comprehensive test for your gateway and devices.

More support

Under the Account tab, scroll down to More Resources to view articles and other frequently asked questions.

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Prices, and/or when applicable, term agreements, may differ from those presented here as a result of customer’s existing account features, such as pricing, packages, term agreements, or service address. Pricing, packages, and policies are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.