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personalize your smart home security

Home security, your style

Make your home security more you

You can set up your smart home to work just the way you want. Here’s how:


Set Rules so your devices work on their own, like having your doors lock when you arm your security system.


Create Scenes to activate devices together, like locking your doors and turning off your lights when you tap the Bedtime Scene.


Set up text and email notifications, like getting a text if someone unlocks the front door.

Thermostat settings

Create a schedule, switch modes or change the temp while you’re out.

Customize chimes

Choose the tones you’ll hear when each protected window or door is opened.

Customize your Touchscreen

Choose settings, screensavers and more.

home security rules

Your house, your Rules

Set Rules for your devices, from pairing actions to setting schedules. Here are our favorites:*

Front door camera

Never miss a moment at home. Get emailed a video clip when the front door opens, so you can see your kids get home safely from school.

Power play

Keep track of home from wherever you are by getting text notifications when the power to your Touchscreen goes out, possibly indicating a larger outage.

Emergency alert

Stay aware during an emergency by automatically turning on all your lights if your alarm sounds.

Fire escape

Make it easier to escape a fire by turning on lights and unlocking doors if the Smoke/Heat Detector alarm sounds.

Self-locking doors

Rest easy knowing your doors can lock themselves each night at anytime you choose.

*Rules options vary based on your Homelife service tier and devices.

Setting up automation Rules

You can make Rules straight from the Homelife app. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to the Homelife app
  2. Tap the Automations tab and select Rules
  3. Choose one of the suggested Rules, or tap Create Custom to create a new Rule
  4. Select a trigger to activate your Rule (When this happens...), and then select an action (...do this)
  5. Name your Rule and tap Save when you’re done
  6. You can change your Rule whenever by selecting the Rule, choosing triggers and adjusting the conditions
  7. Turn Rules off and on by selecting a Rule and tapping the Rule On/Off button
  8. Delete a Rule by selecting it and tapping the Delete button at the bottom of the screen

What's your Scene?

Scenes let you group device actions, so you can control several devices with a tap. Here are our favorites*:

Good Morning

Disarms your security system from Arm Night mode, turns on your lights and adjusts your thermostat.


Sets your system to Arm Away mode, turns off your lights and adjusts your thermostat.

Coming Home

Disarms your security system from Arm Away mode, turns on your lights, unlocks your front door and adjusts your thermostat.

Good Night

Arms your security system in Arm Night mode, locks the doors, turns off lights and adjusts the thermostat.

*Scenes options vary based on your Homelife service tier and devices.

Setting the Scenes

You can set up Scenes in seconds. Just:

  1. Sign in to the Homelife app using your User ID and Password
  2. Tap the Automation tab, then tap Create Scene
  3. Choose a pre-made Scene or tap Create Custom to make your own
  4. Name your Scene by tapping the pencil icon next to My Scene, then choose an icon and tap Save
  5. Tap Add Device and add a device to your Scene, then tap Next
  6. Follow the instructions on-screen to customize your actions
  7. Tap Save when you’re done (you’ll find all Scenes in the My Scenes section of the Automation tab and on your Overview screen)
  8. Tap on a Scene to activate it
  9. To edit or delete a Scene, tap the options (three dots) icon, then change settings or tap Delete at the bottom of the screen

setting notifications

You're always in the know

No need to check in. Set up notifications for when something happens at home. You can even alert your Homelife contacts of some system changes and Rules.

customize door chimes

Choose your chimes

You can customize the tones you’ll hear when each protected door or window is opened. Here’s how:

  1. On your Touchscreen Control Panel, go to the Settings app
  2. Type in your master keypad code
  3. From the Touchscreen menu, tap Sound Configuration
  4. Tap Hometone Configuration
  5. Choose a unique door chime for when the selected door is opened or closed, or silence the chime altogether
  6. Choose from simple chimes and beeps, fun rooster calls, crowd applause and safety sounds like a dog barking

customize your touchscreen

Add a personal touch

Switch up your Touchscreen settings so it works how you want.

customize your alarms

Alarms on your terms

Protect your home the way you see fit with custom alarm types, modes and settings.

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