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Doing Business With Cox

Supplier Relations

(Cox Communications and Cox Media)

At Cox Communications, Inc., we view our relationship with suppliers as a strategic component of the business. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our performance to our customers and reduce costs. We have concentrated our efforts on the Procure to Pay (P2P) Cycle, coupled with our Go Green initiative which includes:

• Standardized payment terms of 'Net 45'

• A preferred payment method of ACH (Automated Clearing House/Direct Deposit)

• Increased usage of our secondary preferred payment method of Procurement Card (P-Card) which provides faster method of payment

• Receiving invoices through our preferred method of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or email

Cox values its relationship with its suppliers and is committed to building upon those partnerships. As a Cox partner, we ask you to join us in our overall efforts to improve the efficiency and standardization of our Procure to Pay Cycle.

Notice to all suppliers of Cox Communications and affiliates:

Thank you for participating in our electronic process. For convenience, we have posted our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions on our website. Cox Communications' terms and conditions are applicable to all purchase orders issued from Cox Communications whether received by mail, fax, or electronic means.