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Using the Mini Box remote

This little remote does a lot

No more remote clutter

This mini remote takes the place of many remotes. And it’s adorable.

Mini Box meets mini remote

This mini remote has everything you need to control your Mini Box without taking up too much room on the coffee table.

Total TV control

No need to fumble for the right clicker. Your Mini Box remote controls both your Mini Box and your TV.

A bit about buttons

Just tap on a button to find out what it does.

1 3 6 8 5 9 11 12 2 4 10 7
  1. Power: Turns your TV on or off
  2. Guide: Brings the guide up on TV
  3. Select: Chooses whatever you’ve highlighted
  4. Zoom: Zooms in and stretch a video
  5. Closed Captioning: Turns captions on or off
  6. Last: Goes back to the last channel or screen you were on
  7. Cox Menu: One press gets you to the main menu
  8. Info: Gives more information about shows, movies or events
  9. Arrows: Moves the highlight to make your next selection
  10. Exit: Leaves the current screen
  11. Page/channel up/down: In the Guide, they scroll up or down one page. When watching TV, they move to next or last channel
  12. Number pad: Enters channel numbers and your PIN directly

Control your tv

Just pair it

It’s a little remote, but it can tell your big TV what to do. But not in a bossy way.

Explore more Mini Box

Take command of your controller

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your mini.

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