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Cox Voice Mail

Never miss a message

Keep up with your voicemail

Check in anytime with voicemail to email, message recording and other helpful features. But first, let’s get you set up.

Activate your voicemail

First, you’ll want to activate your Voice Mail and Readable Voice Mail using this easy start guide or the instructions below.  

Learn how to check your messages

Get ‘em as emails or read ‘em on your phone. You choose your voicemail’s destiny.  

Customize your mailbox

Make it work the way you want with notifications, email lists and more.

Setup your voicemail

Get your voicemail up and running

It just takes a few quick seconds.


Check your voicemail

Keep up with your messages

There are a bunch of ways to check your voicemail. Find which works for you.

Customize your voicemail

Make your mailbox more you

Personalize your voicemail with group mailboxes, friendly reminders and more.

Cox Voice Mail FAQs

English and Spanish. Other languages show an error message, but the voicemail will still be attached in the email notification.

In the email version, if there are any words that couldn’t be translated, you’ll see three periods—an ellipsis—after the last translated word. You may also see question marks next to words the transcription didn’t understand.

Double-click the .wav file attached to the email message. It’ll open and start playing on its own.  

Not at this time. For now, they’re only available as .wav files.  

Nope, the voicemail on your phone can only be deleted through your voicemail box, whether you use your home phone, your cell phone or the Voice Everywhere app. We recommend deleting audio files after you listen to them. They’re pretty big and can take up a good amount of storage.  

Readable Voice Mail can transcribe up to 90 seconds of each voicemail. You can call your Voice Mail number or play the .wav file to listen to the entire message.

Check your spam folder to see if the email landed there. Also, add the donotreply-voicemail@coxmail.com address to your approved sender list (your whitelist) to keep emails from going to your spam folder.

Yep. The email address can be your Cox.net address or any other valid email address and you can send a transcription to up to five email addresses at a time.

The transcription is pretty accurate, but it is an automated program, so there are a few things that could affect its accuracy, such as background noise and the caller’s accent. Also, names and nouns may not translate accurately. But if the message has a lot of words the transcription engine doesn’t recognize, you’ll receive the full audio file instead.

You can still listen to the audio version attached to the email message, or just listen to the voicemail over the phone.

Some words may be transcribed, but the system filters out most profanity.

Yep. If the audio version doesn’t convert, you may also see this error message:


Unconverted Message
An unconverted message is a message that couldn’t be converted due to the voice message being in an unsupported language or of a poor audio content.

ERROR: This person called and left you a message. To hear it, call your Voice Mail.

No. Automated recordings sent to voice mail won’t be transcribed.

No. The transcribed version of the audio file is converted into a written word format and sent as an email.

Voicemail left in Spanish may not get transcribed for a few reasons:

  • The message isn’t clear and/or has too much background noise
  • The message has a combination of Spanish and English words
  • The message isn’t spoken with a clear Mexican Spanish or Central American Spanish dialect

Note: The system doesn’t understand some slang, accents or pronunciations. If the system can’t accurately transcribe the Spanish message, it’ll only send the .wav file.

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*Call anyone, anytime in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India, Norway, the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) and U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, North Marianas/Guam, American Samoa). Includes calls to Mexico that terminate on mobile phones for no additional charge.