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Take your life off hold

The Cox Voice Everywhere app

Access your landline from everywhere with the Cox Voice Everywhere app, your home phone away from home. 

Download the app

*iOS 10.0 or later

*Android 6.0 & later

Mobile phone with Cox Voice voicemail call list on screen

Designed by us, inspired by you

With these innovative features, the Voice Everywhere app is compatible with any lifestyle. 

Cellular data or WiFi internet signal icon

Cellular data or WiFi

Switch your cell phone between WiFi and your mobile network, so you only use cellular data when necessary. 

Handset with circle and silhouette in the center icon representing having the whole family on one line.

Have the whole family on the line

Cox Voice supports up to four users on a call at once (5 when you include your home phone).

Cellular data or WiFi map icon

Use your home phone on the go

Access your landline’s call history, contacts and voicemail everywhere.

App features

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Download the app

Download the Cox Everywhere app, sign in with your My Account login and start using your home phone everywhere.

*iOS 10.0 or later

*Android 6.0 & later

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Cox Voice Everywhere FAQs

The app uses your smartphone's ringtone. You can change it in your smartphone settings.

  1. Download the app

  2. Sign in using your My Account login information or, if you haven’t registered, create an account

  3. Grant permission to use certain features (only necessary upon first login)
    a.    Accept the Terms and Conditions
    b.    Give the app access to your contacts, so all of your numbers are in one place
    c.    Allow the app to make and manage phone calls
    d.    Allow the app to record audio for microphone permissions (Android users only)

  4. Choose which phone number you’d like to use if multiple lines are linked to your account

Unfortunately, the Voice Everywhere app is not compatible with tablets at this time.

If you dial 911 from the Voice Everywhere app, the call will be placed through your smartphone's built-in call platform. e911 services are not available through the app.

The app uses your native smartphone's ringtone, so you'll need to go to your smartphone settings to make changes.

When you sign in to the app, you'll have the option to select which phone number you'd like to use.

On Android phones only, this is the standard message that appears to give the app permission to use your microphone. Allowing permission enables you to make and receive calls.

As of now, the Voice Everywhere app is only available with a Cox Voice Premier subscription. Cox Voice Starter and Economy customers will have access to the app at a later date.

For sure. Wherever you can connect to a hotspot, you can make a call using the Voice Everywhere app, as if you were calling from your home phone. Keep in mind that standard data and/or roaming charges may apply; check with your carrier.  

See Cox Digital Telephone service details. See important Cox Digital Telephone Power Outage usage information. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.