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Important Information About the Use of Your Cox Digital Telephone Service During a Power Outage


We would like to make you aware of important information on the backup batteries that are available for purchase from Cox to maintain your home phone service during a short term power outage. If Cox telephone equipment batteries were not installed with your service, you may order batteries from Cox by calling (855) 324-7700 or visiting a Cox retail store. If you have a home alarm system or home health monitoring system that relies on your telephone line to operate, you will lose access to those services during a power outage unless you have backup batteries in each piece of Cox telephone equipment. If you have any questions about this information or need our assistance, please contact Cox Customer Support or review www.cox.com/battery.

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How to Maintain Telephone Service During a Short-Term Power Outage
An Embedded Media Terminal Adaptor (also called a “telephone modem”) has been installed to provide Cox Digital Telephone service within your home. Some customers whose house is served directly by fiber optics may also have other Cox phone equipment at their home, in addition to the telephone modem. The telephone modem and other Cox telephone equipment work on household power, but you may purchase backup batteries for each to ensure continued service during a power outage. The batteries provide up to 8 hours of standby service or up to 4 hours of talk time using a corded phone connected directly to the telephone modem’s jack. (Cordless phones require a power source separate from the backup battery. Cox recommends you keep a corded phone for use in the event of an outage.) During a power outage, we recommend that you keep non-emergency calls to a minimum to prolong the life of the batteries. If the power outage lasts beyond the capability of the batteries, you will not be able to place or receive calls (including 911) until power is restored.

It Is Your Responsibility to Purchase and Monitor the Battery and Order a Replacement
You are responsible for purchasing a battery for each telephone modem and other Cox telephone equipment, if any, and ordering replacement batteries when necessary. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING THE TELEPHONE MODEM BATTERY AND, IF IN PLACE, OTHER COX TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT BATTERY, AND CONTACTING COX WHEN BATTERIES NEED TO BE REPLACED. For information on how to monitor your telephone modem’s and other Cox equipment’s batteries’ health and purchase a replacement battery, please visit www.cox.com/battery. You may also contact Cox Customer Support. Cox cannot guarantee that batteries purchased from sources other than Cox will be compatible with the telephone modem provided by Cox. Under normal operating conditions, most batteries will not need to be replaced for several years. However, factors such as age and temperature could impact battery performance. Therefore, Cox recommends that you check your battery on a regular basis. Similar to your fire alarm, you might consider checking your telephone modem battery twice a year. To protect the environment, Cox supports battery recycling and encourages you to consult www.cox.com/battery for instructions on recycling your used backup battery.

Lifeline Customers
Lifeline customers may either have backup battery(ies) * installed with their service or receive free battery(ies) by mail when their application for Lifeline is processed and they are determined to be eligible. If you purchase a battery(ies) before you are deemed eligible for Lifeline you will receive a bill credit for the cost of the battery(ies) after your eligibility is established. Lifeline customers are responsible for monitoring the health of the battery(ies) as discussed on this page, but will not be charged when they order a replacement battery(ies). *Backup batteries for other Cox telephone equipment may not be available for self-installation.

Other Information on Installing and Maintaining Your Service and Battery Installation
Your phone modem needs to be placed near a cable outlet in order to connect to Cox’s network. Please discuss any special needs you have with the Field Service Representative installing your service. If you are installing services through our self-install process, please ensure that you place your telephone modem near a cable wall outlet and electrical outlet. If you have any questions about telephone modem placement, please contact Cox Customer Support.

Additional Battery Information
Many of the telephone modems and other Cox telephone equipment we use today do not support an additional spare battery. If you are interested in obtaining an alternative power source for your Cox telephone modem, possible Cox telephone equipment, or other electronics for use during a power outage, please contact your local hardware store or electronics retailer for possible options.

The batteries for the telephone modem battery and other Cox telephone equipment cannot provide power to any external communications devices that require electricity. This means that during a power outage, cordless phones and adaptive telecommunications devices used by disabled customers (which require electricity) may not be available for use. If you have a cordless phone for your daily use, Cox encourages you to keep a corded phone available for use during a power outage. For adaptive devices, please consult the manufacturer for options.

It is important to keep the batteries connected to the telephone modem and other Cox telephone equipment, if any, in order for the batteries to remain charged. Removal of the battery from its proper place will cause it to lose its charge and you will be unable to place or receive calls during a power outage, including 911. The telephone modem should be plugged directly into an electrical outlet and not connected to a power strip or an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch. If you do remove the battery, please make sure you replace it carefully and avoid bending the pins in the battery bay. If you bend the pins, the telephone modem may not work on battery power. If this occurs, you must contact Cox to request a new telephone modem. If we find that your telephone modem or battery have been damaged through improper use, Cox may assess a charge to replace the equipment.

Important Liability Information
The telephone modem and any other equipment installed by Cox requires power to operate properly. You have an obligation to ensure that the equipment is connected to electrical power at all times, that you purchase a battery(ies) for electrical power outages, and that you monitor the equipment’s battery(ies)’ health. Cox is not liable to you if you experience an interruption of service due to power outages, including failure due to the absence or insufficiency of battery backup power or an outage affecting the Cox network with the exception of any applicable service or billing credits.

If Cox is found to be grossly negligent in its installation or disconnection of your service, Cox will be liable for any direct damages to property or persons that result from such gross negligence. Under no circumstance will Cox be liable for punitive or consequential damages or lost profits.

An audio rendition of this information can be heard at 877-873-0164.