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Phone Troubleshooting

Experiencing issues with your Cox telephone service? Take a deep breath and check out these common tips and tricks to get back to talking in no time.

Don’t have a dial tone? Follow these quick steps first:

  • Check the cord connecting your phone to the phone jack to make sure it's plugged in
  • Make sure the cables connected to your Internet and telephone modem aren't loose
  • If you're using a cordless phone, make sure the batteries are charged
  • Check the Manage My Equipment page in My Account to be sure there's no network outage in your area

Still no dial tone?

Look at the lights on your phone modem, then follow the corresponding steps.

Lights are off:

This usually means there is no backup battery, the battery is exhausted or the unit has not been plugged in.

  • Plug the power cord in to a working outlet.
  • If the phone modem still doesn't work, you may need to replace the backup battery. Go to cox.com/battery.
All lights are flashing:

If all the lights are flashing on the Internet and telephone modem, it may be picking up some interference from your house phone wiring.

  • Try plugging one of your phones directly into the back of the Internet and telephone modem where it is labeled 'Line 1' or 'TEL 1 / 2.' If it's still an issue, contact us.
TEL lights are flashing:

If only the TEL light(s) on the front of the Internet and telephone modem are flashing, this means the modem sees the phone as 'In Use.'

  • Check to make sure all the phones are hung up.

Now, reset your modem

If the above tips and tricks didn't work, sometimes resetting the Internet and telephone modem will re-establish communication once it has been lost.

Image: Cox Phone Troubleshooting - Checking Loose Connections
  1. Locate the small 'Reset' button on the back of the Internet and telephone modem. It is a small hole that a pen tip or paperclip should fit into.
  2. Press the 'Reset' button once and release immediately. All the lights on the front should go off and slowly begin to load back up.
  3. When the 'TEL 1' and 'TEL 2' lights stop blinking, the Internet and telephone modem is fully reset.

Lastly, try resetting your modem online using the Modem Refresh tool in My Account.

Reset Your Modem Online
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