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Contour 2: Voice Remote

We’ve completely redesigned the Contour remote control with a smaller, easier to handle frame and buttons that help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, easily find shows, movies, and other content by speaking into your remote.

Cox TV

Enjoy features like:

  • A microphone button for voice control
  • A backlit keypad that lights up when you pick up the remote
  • Aim anywhere technology to control your TV without pointing it at the receiver
  • Easy pairing
  • A "Last" button to view the 9 most recently watched programs
  • TV Input control
  • Shortcut buttons to easily launch the Help menu, Accessibility settings and the Sports App

Say it to See it: Using Voice Commands

The Contour Voice Remote let's you navigate and control your TV more easily than ever. Simply press and hold the blue microphone button and say a command in the form of a word or phrase. Here are some popular examples of what you can say:

  • "Watch ABC"
  • "Frozen"
  • "Movies with Anne Hathaway"
  • "Hasta la vista baby"
  • "What should I watch?"
  • "Five minute workouts on YouTube"
  • "Sports App"
  • "What football games are on?"
  • "Turn on Closed Captioning"
Animation showing how voice commands work

Remote Control Buttons

Click the blue circles below to learn about each button. Don’t see your remote? Find yours at remotes.cox.com.

  1. TV Power: Turn your TV on and off
  2. All Power: Turn your TV and audio receiver on and off
  3. Exit/Stop: Return to the last channel you were watching or stop the On DemandSM or DVR recording you’re watching
  4. Rec: Record what you’re watching with one touch
  5. OK: Select a highlighted item
  6. Main Menu: Press the Contour button to go to the Main Menu. Here you’ll find your Guide, Saved (DVR recordings), On Demand Search, Apps and Settings categories
  7. Page Up/Page Down: Move one page up or down in lists, and jump forward or back when watching a program
  8. Guide: Press once to see all listings. Press twice to select a guide view to filter listings
  9. Last: Take a step back in the menu, exit to live TV or view last channels/shows watched
  10. Rewind/Fast Forward: Rewind and fast forward a program, or skip ahead or back 24 hours in the guide
  11. A: Help when you need it
  12. B: Display the Accessibility menu to change settings for features like closed captioning, enhanced text readability and voice guidance.
  13. C: Launch the Sports App
  14. D: Delete a recording, cancel a scheduled recording or clear the history from Last Watched
  15. Setup: Pair your remote to your receiver, TV or audio device
  16. Voice Control: Use voice commands to change channels, find shows, get recommendations and more

Contour 2 Remote Control Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Press the Guide then Fast Forward button to see what’s airing 24 hours from now.
  2. While in the Guide menu, press the B button to see a video window of what you’re currently watching.
  3. Press the Guide button twice to select from one of multiple Guide Views and filter by Favorites, Movies and more.
  4. Press the D button to quickly delete a recording or cancel a scheduled recording.
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