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Notice to parties serving subpoenas on Cox Communications

Updated 2/16/2017


How to Reach Cox:




Business Hours (Eastern time):
Fax: (404) 269-1898
Information Line and Voice Messages:
(404) 269-0100

After Business Hours Emergencies:
National Technical Operations Center
1(855) 275-6862

Print version of this policy

Emergency Request Authorization

Emergency ELSUR Request form

Lawful Intercept Worksheet

Law Enforcement Alarm Activity Request Form

Customer Authorization for Alarm Activity Disclosure Form



Service of Process
Cox Communications and its subsidiaries accept service of subpoenas, warrants and court orders, subject to payment of costs, at:


Fax: (404) 269-1898



Our physical address is :

Records Custodian
Cox Communications, Inc.
6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30328



Physical service may be made on the agent for service of process for Cox Communications, available from the Secretary of State wherever we do business or on Corporation Service Company, 40 Technology Parkway South, Suite 400, Norcross, GA 30092. We do not accept service at any of our local offices.


Acceptance of service by facsimile or email is strictly conditioned upon payment of charges detailed below. Cox reserves the right to require payment in advance, to withhold delivery until payment and to seek enforcement of charges, including cost of collection. Entities that fail to pay charges must serve process upon the registered agent for Cox Communications within the appropriate state and requests for expedited response will not be granted. You will be notified if hourly charges apply and can request an estimate.


Response Time
Requests are handled in the order received, subject to pending expedited requests. Responsive information is generally provided within 10 business days. Expedited response for information other than call records, if available resources permit, will generally be provided within 3 business days. Extensive toll and call record detail requests may require 30 days or more.


During business hours Eastern Time, all questions should be directed as follows:

  • Fax:       (404) 269-1898
  • Email:    SubpoenaResponse@cox.com
  • Phone:  (404) 269-0100 (Voice messages will be returned within 1 business day)


Status Requests
For security reasons, all questions must be submitted in writing along with a copy of the subpoena and response. To prevent delays in response to your request and those of others, please do not ask for the status of a request prior to 10 business days for subscriber information, 3 days for expedited requests and 30 days for call records. You may then fax a copy of your original subpoena with a cover page asking for the status.


Records Retention
The following retention policies generally apply to frequently sought records:


IP Assignment Logs     Up to 6 months


Subscriber Information     3 years


Call Records     18 months (36 in certain states)


Home Security Activity Logs     13 months - Alarm event information

6 months - Videos & Images

24 months - Audio from CMS

3 months - Alarm activity information (Note: this information is available for 45 days via Customer's online Subscriber Portal

LEA Preservation Requests     90 days (additional 90 days upon further request)



Requirement for Court Order or Warrant — Except as provided in 18 U.S.C.§ 2703, content of communications may not be provided without court order or warrant.


Cost Reimbursement (18 U.S.C.§ 2706)




Per account for basic information*


Per account for alarm activity information


Per account for alarm activity information (Cox customers only)




Expedited handling fee


$50.00/Month     Telephone call detail records (other than toll)


No Charge     Telephone toll record and basic subscriber records of 10 or less**


$25.00/first 3 months    
$25 each additional    
Telephone call detail records (civil cases, for customers)


$5.00/Month     In excess of 10 subscribers


$0.25/Page     Photocopies and facsimiles exceeding 10 pages


$25.00     Data on CD-ROM


$25.00     Express delivery


$75.00/hr./staff     Requests requiring greater than 0.5 hours ($40.00 minimum)


$80.00     Preservation requests


No charge     Non-expedited child pornography or endangerment investigations and investigations of harassing or abusive calls, if documented when requested and unless expedited response is sought


Pen Register/Trap and Trace      $2,125 upon initial request — $2,125 for additional request or renewal


Wiretap      $3,125 upon initial request — $3,125 for additional request or renewal


Copyright Infringement Cases

$60.00/per IP address      1-10 IP Addresses


$55.00/per IP address      11-20 IP Addresses


$50.00/per IP address      21-above IP Addresses



* Requests based on IP addresses must include date, time and time zone information in order to receive a response.

** Telephone subscriber requests from law enforcement in excess of 10 accounts or otherwise voluminous may be charged for under 18 USC 2706. Inaccurate requests concerning non-Cox subscribers require a fee of $25 per non-Cox request. Law enforcement can determine providers at http://www.npac.com. Telephone account information in civil cases is charged at $40.00 per account.

Payment methods      Include invoice reference number with payment



Make payable to Cox Communications, Inc.
(Tax ID # 58-2112281) (Dun's # 789111374-1234)

Mail to: Subpoena Compliance Payments
Cox Communications
6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30328


Credit Card:     American Express, Visa and MasterCard accepted.


EFT:     Contact us for instructions.



Contact Information


(Please do not direct status requests or questions concerning subpoenas to these individuals)




(404) 269-0100
Service via Fax    


(404) 269-1898
Jacqueline Murray     Jacqueline.Murray@cox.com

Phone: (404) 269-5713


Angela Frazier     Angela.Frazier@cox.com

Phone: (404) 847-6180


Ming Yao    
(National Security/Classified)    
Phone: (678) 645-4603

Phone: (678) 645-4603

Phone (after hours): (678) 645-0911

Fax: (678) 645-1679

After Business Hours    
Emergency Only (Eastern Time)    
National Technical Operations Center
1(855) 275-NTOC (6862) Option 5
After Business Hours    
Cox Home Security Emergencies Only    
1(800) 633-2677