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Nevada Consumer Privacy

Nevada law allows customers to “opt out” of the sale of certain personal information, called “covered information.”  At Cox, we do not sell covered information as defined in the law and we have no plans to change that practice.
If you want to be notified if we do change that practice, please send your name and email address to NevadaPrivacy@cox.com.  We’ll contact you if there are any changes and you can complete your opt out at that time.  If your email address changes at any point, you will need to send your new email address to us at NevadaPrivacy@cox.com.
For more information about our data collection and sharing practices, please take a look at this privacy notice and at “My Account” where you can find your information preferences. We may share your data as explained in this Privacy Notice for different purposes, such as to make your experience and our services better, and those activities are separate from the opt out request.

What is the Nevada privacy law?
Nevada passed a new privacy law effective October 1, 2019.   The law allows persons to opt out of the sale of certain personal information (called “covered information”) to third parties.  This includes information such as name, address, social security number, and online service activity.  Cox does not sell this information to third parties so no opt out is required.

Even though Cox is not selling this information, is there anything customers and other persons can do today?      
Yes.   A person can sign up anytime to be notified if Cox decides to sell this information in the future by submitting their name and email address to NevadaPrivacy@cox.com.  We will contact them if our plans change, and at that time they can complete their opt out.  They should keep their email address updated with us since that will be our only method to notify them.    

I hear a lot about privacy in the news.  What is Cox doing to protect my privacy?
In our privacy notice we explain how we collect, use and share personal information.    You can find the privacy notice at www.cox.com/privacy.