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Third-Party Receivers Policy

Updated: May 5, 2017

Cox fully supports attachment of certified CableCARD-compatible (i.e. “digital cable ready”) third-party navigation devices by providing to its customers CableCARDs that are configured for Cox’s network, and which allow customers secure access to specific programming they have purchased that is carried in encrypted form on the Cox system for security reasons.  Devices labeled as “digital cable ready” are certified to comply with the FCC’s technical standards and will have completed a testing and verification process, indicating that they are compatible with Cox’s network, and generally pose no risk of electronic or physical harm to Cox’s network, no risk of excessive signal leakage or electronic interference with other customers, and little or no risk of signal theft.  
There are brands of devices commonly available in stores where electronics are sold (e.g. Best Buy) that are labeled “digital cable ready”.  TiVo is the most common, while there are others such as Ceton that customers have presented for Cox to connect. Please contact a Cox representative if there are questions about other devices that are labeled “digital cable ready”.
Please note that Cox has no background on the legitimacy or integrity of set top boxes purchased through secondary markets (e.g. eBay and online resellers), even if the same make and model as devices leased to customers by Cox.

Q: How will the customer be able to tell if the set-top box is a second-hand box that Cox cannot connect or a “digital cable ready” box that Cox can connect?

A: A box that Cox can connect will have a unique label that it is “digital cable ready” (similar to other labels such as “HD” or “HDMI compatible” that are found on equipment to show its various functionalities).  The box will also not be the make and model of the set top boxes that Cox and other cable operators purchase only at wholesale.  

A second-hand box will not have the “digital cable ready” label, despite materials that may be provided by a reseller claiming that it is “certified.”

Changes in Policy

Developments in the Internet, the law, our offerings and websites may cause us to change this CableCARD Policy from time to time. Any such changes will be prospective and will not affect information collected prior to the change in policy.