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Cox Mobile Internet Service Disclosures

Effective Date: April 10, 2024

Cox is committed to providing its customers with a high-quality mobile Internet access experience. This disclosure explains the performance characteristics, commercial terms, and network practices for Cox’s mobile broadband Internet access services (“Cox Mobile Service” or “Service”). We may change the disclosure from time to time by updating its text on our website (with the date of the last update reflected above). Cox Mobile Service relies on the mobile broadband Internet access service network of our mobile network partner (“MNP”) to provide the Service, and as described below the Service is subject to the MNP’s network management practices and controls. The disclosure below reflects, where appropriate, those practices and controls. It does not describe the practices, characteristics, or terms you may experience while roaming on other mobile networks or while using Wi-Fi.

The information provided here is not a contract between Cox and its customers or any users of the Cox Mobile Service; it is designed to provide you with information to understand the Service and make informed decisions regarding your choice of mobile internet services. It also does not obligate Cox to provide any specific level of service or to maintain any level of service or network configuration and creates no rights that are not already available to a customer or user by law or under any agreement with Cox.

A. Network Management Practices


A1. General Disclosure:
The following describes Cox’s MNP’s practices as of the date of this disclosure with respect to the Service; it will be updated from time to time if Cox’s or our MNP’s practices evolve. Our MNP may take any appropriate measures, whether or not they are described below, in response to extraordinary levels of usage, denial of service attacks, or other exigent circumstances that have a significant effect on our customers' ability to use the Service or Cox's ability to provide the Service.

Other than for security purposes, Cox’s MNP will not (1) modify protocol fields other than as specified by the protocol standard; (2) block, rate-control, or limit specific protocol ports or protocols; or (3) apply favorable or unfavorable treatment to traffic, applications, or classes of applications.  Neither Cox nor Cox’s MNP applies disparate treatment to affiliates or in exchange for consideration.  Cox’s MNP uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with those of other domestic providers, and with guidance provided by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).  Individual users’ experiences will vary depending upon many factors, including among others, the specific device in question, any programs running on the device, the users’ location, the specific technology being accessed (i.e., 4G LTE or 5G), environmental factors such as weather, and how many other customers are attempting to use the same resources.

A2. Congestion Management:

An individual user’s experience will vary depending upon many factors, including the plan selected, the network the customer is using, and the device in use.

Cox’s MNP uses technological measures such as video caching and resizing video files to manage network congestion effectively, which it applies irrespective of content or source.  Depending on your device, Cox’s MNP may transmit video in in SD, standard HD, or FHD, which may involve restricting download or stream speed.

The resolution for streaming video is 480p.

There is no typical frequency or location of congestion, although congestion is more likely to occur during peak use hours in the evening. In addition, certain events or circumstances – such as a major news event at any time of the day which results in many customers streaming video of the event – can also cause congestion. Cox customers may experience slower data speeds during periods of network congestion on our MNP's network.

A3. Application-Specific Behavior:

Cox’s MNP does not inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.  Cox’s Acceptable Use Policy can be found at: www.cox.com/mobile-aup.

A4. Device Attachment Rules:

Cox Mobile Service users may activate any device that Cox has certified for use with the Service; supported devices must currently be purchased directly from Cox. Cox plans to provide a “bring your own device” option to consumers in the future.

Depending on the capability of your device, using your Cox Mobile service to create a mobile hotspot is permitted pursuant to the terms, conditions, and pricing options of your Cox Mobile Service and subject to the network management practices and controls of Cox’s MNP.

A5. Network and Customer Security Protection:

Our MNP may take action—including in limited cases blocking—to protect customers and the network from malicious or harmful traffic, such as known attackers, sources that aggressively scan Internet addresses, and major spam sources.  Our MNP may take measures to block malware on customer equipment.  These actions may be based on both internal and independent analysis.

B. Performance Characteristics


B1. Service Description:
Cox offers mobile broadband Internet access services over 4G LTE and 5G mobile broadband networks, which are suited for real-time applications. The practices of Cox’s MNP are designed to enable our customers to receive the speeds for the packages they are subscribed to. However, it is important to note that many factors beyond Cox’s control can affect the actual speeds customers are able to receive to their devices, such as:

  • Capability of end user devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, wearables), including factors such as age, software and operating system versions, the presence of viruses and malware, and the number of simultaneous applications running;

  • Congestion on websites visited, including high demand by multiple simultaneous users;

  • Fluctuations in latency within connecting networks outside of the MNP’s network, such as gaming servers;

  • Shifting demand at your location;

  • Weather and interference from buildings and geographic features;

  • Force Majeure events such as natural disasters, national emergencies, or epidemics/pandemics;
The network architecture of Cox’s MNP and related engineering standards are constantly evolving. As such, service types and speeds that Cox offers may vary by location.

B2. Expected and Actual Speeds and Latency:
Cox’s MNP uses the same network to provide your mobile broadband Internet access services that it uses to provide its other wholesale customers with mobile broadband Internet access services. Cox expects customers will experience the following speeds and latency for Cox Mobile Service.

- Expected Speeds:
Typical 5G Ultra Wideband network (when and where available and only with 5G UWB compatible devices) download speeds will range from 215-702 Mbps and typical upload speeds range from 14-75 Mbps.

Typical 5G mobile network (when and where available) download speeds will range from of 34-149 Mbps and typical upload speeds range from 6-37 Mbps. Please note that we will update this page as Cox’s MNP further deploys its 5G mobile network and more data is collected. Please review this page for updated information as the 5G rollout is ongoing.

Typical 4G LTE Network download speeds ranges from 9-69 Mbps and typical 4G LTE Network upload speeds range from 1-13 Mbps.

- Expected Latency:
Latency is the roundtrip time it takes for a data packet to travel from one point to another and back in a network. With respect to latency for use of real-time data applications, we expect network-to-mobile device (round-trip) latency to range from 37-56 milliseconds on the 5G UWB network, 42-63 milliseconds on the 5G network and 51-82 ms on the 4G LTE network. We will update this page as Cox’s MNP further deploys its 5G mobile network and more data is collected. Please review this page for updated information as the 5G rollout is ongoing.

- Your Actual Experience:
The actual speeds and latency you experience will depend on many factors, including among others, the type of device, the programs running on the device, your location, the specific network in question (4G LTE or 5G), and how many other customers are attempting to use the same spectrum resources.

- Typical Performance:
The FCC requires ISPs to disclose “typical” download and upload speeds and latency for Cox Mobile services on Broadband Facts labels.  Cox has reported as “typical” the speed ranges listed above for 5G UWB, 5G, and 4G LTE technologies.  Due to system limitations, Cox reported the midpoint of the latency ranges above as typical latency.

C. Commercial Terms


C1. Price:
Cox offers different Service plans to best suit your needs; more details on specific individual plans – including specific monthly pricing models – can be found at cox.com. All pricing is subject to change upon notice to customers:

Additional Pricing Details – Data Allowances

  • “Pay As You Gig” plan. Per line monthly charge includes 1GB of data and applies regardless of data usage. Data usage is billed per line in 1GB units. Data charges apply to each GB or partial GB of data; charges will not be pro-rated based on usage. Unused data does not roll over. Speeds reduced to a max of 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after 5GB of monthly data usage (determined and applied on a per line basis) for the rest of the billing cycle;

  • “Gig Unlimited” plan. Speeds are reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after 20 GB of monthly data use (determined and applied on a per line basis) for the rest of the billing cycle.

  • Mobile Hotspot.  Speeds are reduced to 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after monthly plan data usage is reached (5GB for “Pay As You Gig” and 20GB for “Gig Unlimited”) and are reduced further to a maximum of 600 Kbps upload/600 Kbps download after 5GB of Mobile Hotspot monthly data use  (determined and applied on a per line basis) for the rest of the billing cycle;

- Changing Your Mobile Services:
Charges will be based on data plans at the end of the billing cycle. Charges will not be pro-rated for changes made mid bill cycle.

-Included Taxes, Fees, and Other Charges:
Applicable taxes and regulatory fees attributable to Cox Mobile Service are included in the recurring monthly service fee. Applicable taxes on equipment sales and one-time charges are billed separately from the monthly service fee.

C2. Privacy Policies:
Cox protects your privacy throughout the process of providing you service, billing, and customer support. Cox Mobile Service is provided subject to Cox’s Privacy Policy for mobile broadband Internet service, referenced in the link below. The privacy policy may change as provided by its terms and conditions.

C3. Contact Us:
If you have a complaint or question regarding your Cox Mobile Service, you may contact us using cox.com/chat.