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Residential Billing and Payment Policies

Updated: April 11, 2014

In addition to the customer information you find printed on your monthly billing statement, the following policies apply to residential Cox customers.

Collection Fees
Efforts made to collect past due balances are subject to a $20.00 collection fee once assigned to field personnel. A customer who terminates service is responsible for any outstanding balances, including equipment charges. Any customer account turned over to an outside agency will be subject to all collection costs including attorney fees.

Reconnection of Service
If your cable, Internet and/or home security services are electronically disabled due to nonpayment, residential accounts may be subject to an electronic reactivation fee of $20.00 to restore service. If you subscribe to Cox telephone service, there may be an additional electronic reactivation fee of $20.00 in the event your phone service is interrupted. These fees are billed per statement, and you may incur multiple fees if your services are billed separately.

Pay Per Call Charges
If you dispute any 900 or 700 information service charges, you may be entitled to a credit. You must request this credit by calling or writing Cox Communications within 30 days of receipt of this bill. Pending review, you may withhold payment of the disputed amount and collection of those charges will be suspended. You have the right to not be billed for Interstate 900 calls that violate federal law. You may request blocking of 900 services. You may be blocked from calling a 900 number for failure to pay legitimate 900 call charges and the information service provider may seek collection of those charges.

Partial Payment
If you have Cox Digital Telephone service inaddition to other Cox services, partial payments will first be applied to your telephone balance (both regulated and non-regulated) before being applied to your other Cox services.

Spanish Language Bill Statement
You can receive your Cox bill statement in Spanish. Contact us to request your bills written in Spanish.