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Cox Service Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

Updated: September 17, 2014

Covering the market area

You have selected the Cox Service Protection Plan (the "Plan") which is a comprehensive wire repair, education and isolation plan provided by Cox Communications ("Cox"). By selecting the Plan, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Plan is subject to Cox’s standard terms and conditions applicable to the Cox Service to which you subscribe.

Under the Plan, and for as long as you subscribe to the Plan, when you notify us of a Cox Service problem, Cox will identify whether the problem is with the inside wire or equipment related to a Cox Service (voice, video or Internet service). Unless excluded below, the Plan covers wiring located on the Customer’s side of the Demarcation Point to the telephone jack, Internet modem, or video receiver in Customer’s premises. The Demarcation Point, for purpose of this Plan, is defined as the wall-mounted NIU/NID Unit on the outside of the Customer’s premises. If the Plan covers the problem, Cox will repair or correct the trouble at no cost to Customer consistent with industry standards. If you do not subscribe to the Plan, you will be subject to Cox’s then current labor charges to isolate or repair the problem. The Plan is only available to Customers who subscribe to Cox Residential Services. For Customers residing in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) such as apartments, condominiums, dormitory, co-op, or other group facilities, the Demarcation Point is the wall jack or outlet where the Cox Service enters your individual unit.

The following wiring, education and issue isolation services are INCLUDED under the Plan:

  • Repair and replacement of wire from the Demarcation Point to the telephone jack, Internet modem or video receiver.
  • Cox will not perform "wall fishing" or "wall punching" under the Plan in performing wiring repairs.
  • Replacement of fittings, splitters, amplifiers and outlets installed or existing in accordance with accepted industry standards, as determined by Cox, regardless of installer or vendor.
  • Cox-supplied wiring which is installed the time of installation of a Cox Service.
  • Wiring damaged by animal chews.
  • Customer education as it relates to Cox Services and Cox-provided equipment.
  • Trouble shoot and isolate problems with Cox Service or Cox-provided equipment.
  • Provide analysis on Customer-owned equipment that may be impeding Cox Service*.
  • Identification and verification that Cox-owned equipment and Cox Services are working properly.
  • Identification of incorrect Customer connections.
  • Identification of unauthorized outlets or jacks.
  • Problems existing prior to establishing Cox Service.

The following are EXCLUDED from coverage under the Plan:

  • Fees associated with installation, removal, relocation of, or change to, Cox Services.
  • Failed Self Installation
  • Installation or relocation of jacks or outlets.
  • Wiring panels (Smart Homes) or complex wiring.
  • New wall fishing or wall hole punches.
  • Wiring that supports a competitor's service offering, or wire signal interference in internal wiring caused by competitor’s equipment.
  • Repair or replacement of Customer-owned equipment (equipment may be covered by a warranty if purchased from Cox) and wire that connects such equipment.
  • Truck roll charge for swapping or changing out Cox equipment.
  • Maintenance or repair of Category 5 cable unless installed by Cox.
  • Computer configuration assistance.
  • Wiring repair or replacement due to remodeling of the premises.
  • Repair or replacement of remote control or batteries.
  • Installation of home entertainment systems & related equipment.
  • Wiring damage caused by vandalism, fire, flood, earthquake, Acts of God, gross negligence or willful damage.

The Plan is available for a charge of $6.99 per month. Cox may immediately, and without notice, suspend or discontinue the Plan if Cox Service is no longer being provided to the residence by Cox, if any misuse or abuse of Cox Service occurs or if a hazard or danger to person or property exists which would prevent our technicians from performing the work in a safe manner. Subject to any applicable rules or laws, Cox may discontinue the Plan or change any of these Terms and Conditions. Cox will provide thirty (30) days' prior written notice of any material changes in the Terms and Conditions of this Plan. This notice may be included in your monthly bill.

Cox shall not be liable for any injuries to persons or property arising out of installations, maintenance or repairs performed in connection with the Plan; nor shall Cox be liable for any other damages including, but not limited to, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from the Customer's use or inability to use the wiring whether covered by the Plan or otherwise.

The Plan is optional and you may discontinue the Plan at any time or report a telephone, Internet or cable problem by calling our Customer Service office. If you cancel the Plan within ninety (90) days of when you sign-up for the Plan, Cox may apply a full service charge for service calls made during such 90 day period.  If you cancel the Plan, you are ineligible to re-subscribe to the Plan for a period of six (6) months from the date of cancellation.