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Severe weather alert

Updated: June 14, 2024

After the storm damage in Claremore, OK and Bentonville and Rogers, AR, we have made significant progress in restoring service. To date, we have repaired miles of damaged lines and restored tens of thousands of customers to service. However, we have some customers—in three specific areas with the worst damage to Cox lines, equipment, and homes—that remain without service.  
We know that’s frustrating, and we are working to get everyone reconnected as quickly as possible. Even if your home does not seem to be damaged, please be aware that your service could be impacted by Cox equipment or line damage in an adjacent area. 

If you can’t connect to Cox in a home with no discernable damage, you may have an individual line issue which will require us to send a technician to get it repaired. If you have restarted your Cox equipment and still can’t connect, please contact us immediately via SmartHelp so we can get a technician visit scheduled.

If you’ve been displaced due to the storm, we can help. At no cost to you, we can transfer your existing service to another address, or temporarily pause your service through our Storm Assistance Plan. Send us a text at 54512, chat with us, or call (888) 269-9693 to sign up.
We will post updates here when new information becomes available.

Latest widespread outage news

When a natural disaster or other event impacts our service, we’ll let you know what’s going on right here. If there’s not an event impacting our network in your area, please report service interruptions or cut lines using the buttons below.

Our crews are currently assessing the damage from the recent tornadic activity in Fayetteville and Springdale. This involves walking and surveying our lines and equipment that could be below, on or above the ground near the power lines. Because our service is connected to these power lines, completion will follow the power company’s work. Safety is our top priority, and we thank you for your patience as we work to assess and then restore services.


Cox Solution Stores

Our Cox Solution Stores will close as determined necessary and these decisions will usually be made day of so please check before you head our way.


In case of a power outage

Even if Cox’s network is working, if the power is off, you’ll have limited access to your Cox services. Here are the services available during a power outage.


When power returns

If your services don’t return with the power, first reboot your equipment. The easiest way to reboot your equipment is with the Cox app. Once you’ve downloaded and signed into the Cox app with your Cox User ID and password, from the home page you’ll see options to reset equipment.


If you’re having any issues with your services, you can also check the Cox app for any updates on outages in your neighborhood.


If there are no known outages, please contact us either through the app, via www.cox.com/chat or call us at  (877) 556-7815

Have you been displaced or sustained extensive damage from this storm?
If your home has been severely damaged, we want you to know we're here for you. If you need to suspend your service while you’re making repairs, we can do that with our Storm Assistance Offer. If you've had to leave your home, we can help you transfer your existing service to another address.


Storm assistance offer

Our Storm Assistance Offer is available to customers impacted by the recent severe weather who would like to temporarily suspend their services. The Storm Assistance Offer allows you to keep your existing Cox Email and phone number for no charge for up to 6 months. You will be able to check your cox.net email from anywhere. You can call (888) 269-9693 to activate the offer.

Transfer your services

If you are a displaced customer, who would simply like to transfer your existing services to another address while your home is under repair, you can get started below.

How Cox prepares for, responds to, updates customers, and recovers from natural disasters

Helping you stay connected to what matters most

We know it’s frustrating when severe weather and power outages interrupt your Cox services. That’s why we’ll work hard to get you reconnected as quickly as possible.

When an outage occurs, our technicians are ready to assist as soon as it is safe for them to do so. You can also take steps to prepare for service interruptions and minimize their impact.

How customers can prepare for service outages

Follow these basic steps to ensure you’re protected in case of an outage.

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What you can do when service is disrupted

Here are some simple things to remember:

power off icon in white circle

If the power is off, you’ll have limited access to Cox services. You can download the Contour app on a mobile device to watch tv and get the latest news and weather.

icon blue phone in white circle

If you have Cox Voice service, sign in to MyAccount and use Voice Tools to set Simultaneous Ring and receive your home phone calls on your cell phone or check voicemail.

Icon power return in white circle

When power returns, reboot your equipment. The easiest way to do that is via the Cox app—it’s right on the home page once you log in.

Get automated 24/7 support

Open up the Cox app to access SmartHelp for cable and internet support without calls or wait times. Our easy troubleshooting and step-by-step guidance usually help customers solve their issue. But if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you’ll get connected to an agent for further assistance.

Cox App QR Code

Scan the QR code to download
or open the Cox App today.

How Cox prepares for outages

From wildfires to ice storms and everything in between, our team is trained to respond swiftly and safely to restore service.

Disaster support weather monitoring

Weather monitoring

We partner with an industry-leading weather monitoring service to watch over our network 24/7. They provide real-time weather threat information to our teams so we can be ready for anything.

Disaster support call centers

Call centers

We’ve strategically placed our call centers across the nation to ensure we can take care of you when an event is affecting one of our communities.

Planning ahead for disasters

We invest in our infrastructure and our people to be sure they’re ready to respond when needed.

icon tabletop exercises in white circle

Employees participate in tabletop exercises to prepare for disasters.

icon continuing education in white circle

Employees receive >15 hours of continuing education annually.

icon business continuity in white circle

600 employees trained in business continuity processes and incident command.

icon training in white circle

We log more than 2,000 hours in training and active recovery efforts.

How Cox restores service after an outage

When it comes to restoring service quickly, the safety of our customers and employees comes first. Here’s how we get you back connected—safely.

Disaster support restoring your service

Restoring your service

During a natural disaster, it can be difficult to determine how long it’ll take to restore services. We depend on commercial power, so our employees often follow the path of your local power company when restoring your service.

Factors that can affect restoration:

  • Power restoration
  • Storm debris blocking our way
  • Current weather conditions

We’ll provide updates as they’re available on Cox.com and through email. If you sign up for text messages about your outage, you’ll also receive a SMS message when we’ve cleared outages in your area.
Disaster support don't cut cable initiative

Don't cut cable initiative

We’ve partnered with providers across our industry to help teach more customers how to avoid unnecessary danger and outages with our “Don’t Cut Cable” initiative.  

The most important thing to remember is: Do not attempt to remove lines from a utility pole. There are several types of lines on each utility pole and going into each home, so it’s best to leave line removal to the professionals.

If you see a line down on your property or at your home, just contact us at www.cox.com/chat and we will arrange a date/time for a technician to come and remove or repair it.


  • If your power is working, but your internet is not, please reset your Cox equipment by unplugging and plugging in your devices. If you have power in your home, the node (power source) that provides Cox services to your home may have been damaged and/or lost power. Power or the cable lines could also be out between the node and  homes. Our technicians are walking neighborhoods, checking line by line to ensure all is restored properly.

  • Intermittent service outages: We’re currently using many generators to power our services as power is being restored. Intermittent service outages may occur as providers are working to replace lines, remove trees and restore equipment to power from generators. Due to the possibility of intermittent power outages and surges, it’s recommended to unplug your electronics or have them connected to a surge protector.

Intermittent service outages may occur during the restoration process as providers are working to replace temporary power solutions. For instance many temporary utility poles are being replaced with permanent ones, equipment is being repaired and replaced on poles, and restore equipment to power from generators. Due to the possibility of intermittent power outages and surges, it’s recommended to connect your equipment to a surge protector.

If your line is down, contact us here:

From there, we'll schedule a day a tech can come out—you won't need to be home. If we have to reschedule, we'll prioritize your house for the next day. Please note, if we just can't make the next day, we'll do our best to get to you as quickly as possible.

As we’re working on major repairs in your neighborhood, our outage system will show you in an outage, even if your home is back online. Once the major repairs are complete for the entire area serviced by your node, typically about 100 homes, and we’re able to focus on individual issues, we’ll remove the outage alert. Once the outage alert is removed, you’ll receive a text alert and if you’re still out, we’ll want to hear from you. You’ll then also have the ability to utilize our self-serve tools, such as the Cox app to reset your equipment.

Although you or your neighbors may have never lost power, the node (power source) that provides Cox services to your neighborhood may have been damaged and/or lost power. Power or the cable lines could also be out between the "node" and your home. Our technicians are diligently checking line by line to ensure all is restored properly.

We would like to get any damaged equipment back so we can ensure it’s handled in an environmentally safe way. You have three options to replace your damaged equipment:

1.   Visit any local, open UPS store and they will ship it to us for free
2.   Visit one of our Cox Solution Stores Monday thru Friday and drop off the equipment and pick up your new equipment, please check to ensure the store is open before you come. 

If you've had to leave your home, we can help you transfer your existing service to another address at no cost.  Link To transfer page

If you need to leave your home, but do not need to move your services to another address, the Storm Assistance Plan is available to temporarily suspend your services. The Storm Assistance Plan allows you to keep your existing Cox email and phone number for no charge for up to 6 months. Text us at 54512, chat with us, or call  (888) 269-9693  to activate the offer.

We want to keep you connected. As part of our effort to keep our customers up to date on the latest news, weather, and entertainment, we encourage you to go to watchtv.cox.com to see your options for viewing via the Contour app on your mobile device. There are over 150 channels you can watch depending on your video subscription. Once downloaded, customers should select “Live TV” from the side menu then select “TV Go Channels.” 

Yes, all email accounts are still active. If you have access to the internet, you can read and send email via cox.com/myaccount

If your services are working but you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit our online support or call our Center for Excellence for Technical Support, (877) 556-7815, for support. You can get instant answers 24/7 at Care Chat also through the online support site.

Customers who have lost equipment can contact us on cox.com/chat, call us (877) 556-7815 or visit one of our Cox Solution Stores to report your equipment loss. Our agents will then complete a lost equipment form and process an order to send you new equipment.  Please check to ensure the store is open before you come.  

It is possible to power your Cox services with a generator, if there has not been network damage in your area. Despite power outages, our technical staff has tested the use of a generator to reconnect to services:


  1. First, simply plug the power cord to your computer, television, cable box and modem into the generator.
  2. Connect your computer’s cable to your modem. If you have Cox Voice, you would do the same with the phone cable.
  3. If the cable lines to your home and neighborhood are intact, your services should be active.

Cox Business continues to work around the clock to restore services to commercial customers. Cox Business will support its customers based on the status of their individual business operations. If a business facility is currently uninhabitable or was without services for an extended period of time, please call (855) 452-9062 to discuss account options. Or visit www.myaccount.coxbusiness.com to report and track a persistent service issue.

Our number one priority, once it is safe to return to the storm impacted areas, is the repair of our network and the restoration of services for customers. As soon as possible, we will then begin to work on new installs. There is no need for you to call us to reschedule your install at this time. We will follow-up with you.