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Identifying Your Cox Digital Receiver


Use the table below to learn about your residential digital receiver. For additional information, click on the receiver model.

BrandModelGuideReceiver Capabilities
Cisco / EvolutionMini Box / DTAInteractive GuideHigh Definition
CiscoExplorer 1642HDCCox TVHigh Definition
CiscoExplorer 4642HDCCox TVHigh Definition
CiscoExplorer 4742HDCCox TVHigh Definition
CiscoExplorer 8642HDCCox TVHigh Definition / DVR
CiscoExplorer 8742HDCCox TVHigh Definition / DVR
CiscoExplorer 9865HDCCox TV / ContourHigh Definition / DVR
CiscoTechnicolor XiD HD ReceiverContourHigh Definition
ArrisArris XG1v3ContourHigh Definition / DVR
ArrisArris Xi6ContourHigh Definition
PacePace XG2ContourHigh Definition
PacePace XiDContourHigh Definition
SamsungSamsung XG2v2ContourHigh Definition

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