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Cellular Backup Capabilities


Cellular backup is an emergency channel designed to ensure your security system continues to communicate alarms.

Your Cox security system continues to work if your Internet connection is not available. The system functions on a cellular backup system. However, functions are limited until the Internet connection is restored.

The table below provides details about the types of functions available when the system is running on cellular backup.


Event Message Type Functions on Cellular Backup?
Alarm Events Yes
Arm / Disarm Events Yes
Broadband Down Events No
Email / SMS for Rules (no images) Yes
Entry Delay Events Yes
Heartbeat Events Yes
Trouble Events Yes
Zone Events No

Mobile App Commands

Options Functions on Cellular Backup?
Arm / Disarm Yes
Bypass Zones Yes
Create Rules No
Create, Update, or Delete Keypad Codes Yes
Delete App No
Delete Rules Yes
Enable / Disable Rules Yes
Lifestyle Devices (thermostats, lighting controls) No
Update Camera Yes
Update Rule No
Update Zone Yes

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