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The homeowner's wifi guide

Check out our comprehensive wifi guide below, where we tackle some of the most common wifi questions and frequent problems.​

Alternatively, feel free to explore Cox Panoramic Wifi

Have questions on how to improve your home wifi?

Why is my wifi so slow and how would I fix it?

Router Placement​

Check Your Speed First Use the Cox internet speed test to gauge your current internet or home wifi speeds.​


  • Distance: The further the device from the router, the slower the connection.​
  • Fix: Position the router in the room you frequent most or on the same floor.​​​


  • Straight Path: Wifi is like a dart; obstacles like windows, mirrors, or furniture can hinder its path.​
  • Fix: Clear the router's surroundings. Especially avoid mirrors and metallic blinds.​

Wireless Interferences​

  • 2.4GHz vs. 5GHz: Understand that devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors might interfere with the 2.4GHz frequency.​
       Recommended Distances:​
        - Microwave: ~40ft​​​
        - Baby Monitor: 20-40ft​
        - Cordless Phones: 20-30ft​
        - Bluetooth Devices: ~20ft​

  • Fix: Consider a dual-band wifi modem. It can auto-switch frequencies when needed.​

Device Overload​

  • Bandwidth: Wifi is like home plumbing. More devices? Lower "pressure".​ 
     - High Usage Activities: Streaming, gaming (5+ Mbps)​
     - Low Usage Activities: Emailing, browsing (1 Mbps)​

  • Fix: Turn off idle devices. Limit simultaneous high-bandwidth activities.​

Outdated Router

  • Tech: Older routers or those using 802.11g/b protocols can bottleneck your speed.​
  • Fix: Upgrade to at least an 802.11n device. Do you have Cox Internet and need to upgrade your equipment? Shop our certified cable modems here.​

Internet Rush Hour​

  • Busy Times: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm usually sees heavy traffic, slowing speeds.​
  • Fix: Download outside these hours or consider using an Ethernet cable.

What are whole home wifi and mesh networks?

The Basics​

Think of whole home wifi, or mesh network, as a tool to supercharge and extend your wifi.​


  • Central Hub: Connects directly to your router, like traditional wifi.​
  • Satellite Stations: Called nodes, these are strategically placed throughout your home. Cox refers to these as Panoramic Wifi Pods.​
  • How it Works: Data moves seamlessly from your device to the nearest node, then to the central hub.
  • Advantage: These nodes can offer top-tier connectivity in spots that traditionally experience weak signals.​


The Benefits

Why should you consider this setup? Here are some benefits to whole home wifi:​


  • Tailored Coverage: Your connectivity follows you. Whether you’re downstairs browsing or upstairs streaming, your signal is considerably stronger and more reliable
  • Simplified Management: Tools like the Cox Panoramic Wifi app allow easy network control, from checking signal strength to tweaking security settings.​
  • Minimal Interferences: Minimal disturbances from radios, microwaves, or structural barriers. Station placement eliminates many of these common issues​
  • Dynamic Connections: Your connectivity switches to the strongest node as you move, ensuring consistent, optimal speeds.​
  • Dependability: A single node failing? No problem. As long as the central hub is online, your network remains intact.

Cox Wifi equipment

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway is two devices in one - both a modem and a router. Get secure, reliable wifi coverage and so much more with our advanced wifi equipment.

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Two for one

Have one less piece of wifi equipment with the Gateway since it’s both a modem and a router.

An unbeatable broadband experience

Get our latest smart wifi technology, with three times more bandwidth than our previous gateway.

Guest wifi access

The Gateway is pre-enabled as a Cox Hotspot so you can add separate passwords for guest wifi access and control every user on your network.

How to extend wifi range

Optimize Router Placement​

  • Centralize: For ideal coverage, place your router centrally.​​
     - Three-story home? Plant it on the second floor.​​
     - Two-story home? Highest point on the first floor works best.​

  • Why? Router radio waves primarily journey downward, so elevation matters.​​
  • Avoid Barriers: Keep it away from furniture or electronic items like TVs.

Swap Out the Antenna​

  • Internal vs External: While internal antennas offer protection, external ones can cover more ground.​
  • Orientation Matters: Always keep the external antenna vertical for optimal spread.

Boost with DD-WRT Software​

  • What’s It? A software upgrade enhancing router functionalities.​
  • Capabilities: Fine-tune router settings, alter frequencies, and harness more power.​
  • Power Tip: Maxing out might cause overheating of your device. Always refer to the router's manual.​

Introduce Wifi Access Points​

  • What Are They? Think of them as bridges (or nodes in mesh networks) connecting your device to the main router.​
  • Requirement: Needs a hardwired connection (Ethernet) to the network.​
  • Placement: Ideal in weak signal zones but remember, you need an Ethernet port in the room.​

Consider Wifi Extenders​

  • Placement: Ideally between the router and the farthest connection point. Ensure they're within wireless range of the router.​
  • Security Note: Some extenders might not be fully secure, so ensure your data remains protected and inaccessible to unwanted users.​​

Do I have too many devices on my wifi?

High-Bandwidth Activities to Watch Out For:​

  • Gaming: Multiplayer games require constant high-bandwidth exchanges.​
  • Streaming: Different video qualities demand varied speeds:​
     - 4K HDR video: 18 Mbps​
     - HD (1080p) High Quality video: 8 Mbps​
     - SD (360p) High Quality video: 1 Mbps​

  • Email: Texts are light, but attachments and spam can strain your bandwidth.​
  • Automatic Activities: Background backups, downloads, and software updates can be silent speed killers. Adjust device settings to control them.​

Managing Devices on Your Wifi:​

  • Whitelisting: Only allow registered devices to ensure security.​
  • Security Settings: Keep your network private and password-protected.​
  • Update Network Credentials: Renew passwords to kick off unknown devices. Craft strong passwords: 12 characters, varied cases, numbers, symbols, and no personal info.​

Recommendation: With everything from phones to fridges online, it's easy to over-connect. Periodically review and manage devices on your network and disconnect any that aren't essential.

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