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Using the Cox device speed test tool

Learn about our speed test tool that measures latency, download, and upload speeds on the Cox network.


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Activating a New Modem or Gateway

Just got your new modem or gateway? Get all the help you need to set up your new equipment so that you can get online faster.

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Improving your in-home Wifi network

In today's wireless world, it is important to know how to optimize your in-home Wifi to achieve the best speeds and connectivity.

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Get support for Panoramic Wifi

Panoramic Wifi from Cox is a high speed internet experience designed to meet your needs by offering wall-to-wall wifi coverage, fast speeds, and support tools to manage your in-home WiFi networks.

Learn about cyber security solutions

Whatever your cybersecurity needs, we’re here to help with a full range of solutions that are included with your services or easily added on.

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Troubleshoot slow internet speeds

Follow a few steps to diagnose your slow internet speeds.

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Using Cox Hotspots with Panoramic Wifi

This free feature for customers with a Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway gives access to Cox Hotspots nationwide, saving you on cellular data usage by using your Cox login credentials.

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Get Advanced Security on the Panoramic Wifi App

Advanced Security is a smarter, more personalized way to safeguard your home wifi network from the dangers that live on the web.


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Internet support FAQs


If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet, your first step should be checking for an outage.

If you have an existing Cox.net email addresses you can open Cox Email by going to myemail.cox.net. Use these tips for additional information about your Cox.net email account.

Primary account holders can manage their home and guest networks through My Wifi at www.cox.com/mywifi

A wired Ethernet connection always provides the fastest speeds. But in today's wireless world, it is important to know how to improve your wifi to achieve the best speeds and connectivity.

You can download the free Panoramic Wifi app through the App Store and Google Play

Most third-party email clients available on computers and other devices can be configured to send and receive Cox Email. Just choose from these server setting options to set up, send and receive Cox Email in a third-party email client.

You can check your devices’ connection speeds and explore steps you can take to improve performance by running our speed test. If you’re testing your computer, you’ll get the most accurate results by using a wired (Ethernet) connection, turning off wifi, and closing all other programs on your computer.

Panoramic Wifi from Cox is an innovative high speed Internet experience that offers fast, reliable speeds around your home and support tools to manage your home network.

Cox Hotpots are a network of 650,000 wifi hotspots nationwide—the largest in the nation—available with Cox Internet Preferred and higher plans. When you’re near a hotspot, you can connect to them by searching for available networks using your smart devices.

Check where to see your Arris TG1682 modem information and find quick troubleshooting tips.

Yes. We offer two additional data plans beyond the monthly plan that’s included in your service.

In recent years, fewer customers have taken advantage of a Cox Email account, so we decided to modify our email service to better serve our customers. As of August 15, 2019, Cox no longer offers the ability to create new Cox Email accounts.

You can check your Cox Email by going to myemail.cox.net or through compatible clients on your computer and phone.

You can check your Cox Email by going to myemail.cox.net or through compatible clients on your computer and phone.

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