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Cox Business Internet Gateway and WiFi Hotspots


Cox is a member of a nationwide group of cable providers that offer over 400,000 WiFi Hotspots. Having your business displayed on a WiFi Hotspot map is like a free listing in the Yellow Pages and offers the potential to draw more customers to your business.

Hotspot Details

The Cox Hotspot is an added benefit that is available to business owners who subscribe to Cox Business Internet Gateway (CBIG). If you are renting a gateway, your business can be designated as a Hotspot for customers and guests who have Cox residential or business telecommunications services.
When a person or customer is looking for WiFi, they will now see your business listed as an available option to connect their cellular phone, tablet, or laptop computer. See www.cox.com/aboutus/wifi-hotspot-map.html to access the current WiFi Hotspot map.
Your customers that have qualifying speed tiers of Cox residential or business services will see a WiFi network named Cox WiFi when they search for a WiFi connection. When connecting, users are prompted to login with their Cox MyAccount credentials. Once a customer has logged into the Cox WiFi network, they will be automatically logged in when they are within range.

Additional Questions and Answers

View the following questions and answers about CBIG and Cox Hotspots. If you have any additional questions you may contact us.

Does a WiFi Hotspot interfere with my business Internet use?

No, the Cox WiFi SSID data traffic uses its own bandwidth that is separate data stream so it prevents the comingling of the Cox WiFi data traffic with your business data traffic. This is another benefit of using the service.

What happens if visitors to my business cannot access the Cox WiFi SSID? Who should they contact?

If there is ever an issue, direct customers to call our National Service Center at 877-836-2390.

What if I already have a Guest WiFi SSID on my CBIG? Will the Cox Hotspot interfere with it?

Your business can keep its current Guest WiFi SSID on the device and still offer the Cox WiFi Hotspot without interfering with each other. The Cox Hotspot may actually help more people use WiFi in your business since Cox and other cable provider customers who have already signed onto the Cox WiFi network will connect automatically.

Is the Cox Hotspot secure? How do I add or remove users?

Yes, the Cox Hotspot uses its own SSID and requires login credentials. You can have 10 total users per account. Refer to Managing Cox Hotspot Users in MyAccount.

What if I decide at some point that I do not want to show my business as a Hotspot? How do I get removed or opt out from this service?

If for any reason you do not wish the gateway to broadcast Cox WiFi or if you do not wish to be part of the national WiFi Hotspot, you may opt out or opt in by signing into MyAccount.