Bringing us closer through Inclusion, Diversity and Equity:

At Cox, we champion inclusion, reflect our diverse communities and empower our great people to build a better future together. This is our new vision for Cox’s inclusion, diversity and equity efforts, and it reflects the thoughtful work of employees across the enterprise.

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“I have a deep personal commitment to equal opportunity for all, and we are stronger together.  Diversity and inclusion have been an integral part of our company’s mission and values for more than 50 years, and we will continue to live by those core values.”

— Mark Greatrex
President, Cox Communications

Our Goals: How We Win

Our office works to weave diversity and inclusion into the Cox culture  

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Action

Cox’s Four Key Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Pillars:

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Cox fosters an environment where all 20,000+ employees’ viewpoints, expertise and experiences are valued and respected.




Cox's commitment to diversity extends beyond our workplace into the communities we serve. Social responsibility – with an emphasis on supporting youth, education and environmental sustainability – are critical elements of our values.


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Providing compelling entertainment and communications services that reflect the needs of our diverse customer base is a business imperative and a key competitive differentiator.

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Meeting the needs of our diverse customer base requires collaboration with diverse suppliers. What’s more, a diverse supplier base provides us with a clearer understanding of our customers while providing economic growth in the communities we serve.

Supply Chain

Cox believes that diversity improves our business, strengthens our communities and contributes to the economic well-being of an increased number of businesses and their employees. We value and encourage the use of qualified minority-owned (MBE); women-owned (WBE); lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT); veteran, service disabled veterans, and disability businesses in our companywide purchasing process. We seek to form mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers who offer high-quality products or services that are competitively priced and come with excellent customer service.


The supplier diversity program is led and executed by the strategic sourcing and procurement team within supply chain management. Please visit the Suppler Diversity page or email with questions.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) promote personal and professional development, reinforce Cox’s commitment to the communities we serve, and drive business results through a focus on diversity & inclusion.

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Councils

Cox’s commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures the perspectives, needs and priorities of our people, customers, suppliers and communities are reflected in our company’s vision. This is why Cox has established Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Councils. Cox has a National ID&E Council comprised of leaders from all across our markets. We've also established local diversity councils in each of our regions to reinforce the company's commitment and to support diversity efforts that meet unique, local needs. There are 7 regional councils.

Employee Testimonials

Diversity - Jeff Ertwine

Jeff Ertwine

Cox gave me the opportunity to meet, engage with and support military veterans, family members and friends who are fellow employees. These connections are what makes the Cox companies feel more like a family than a workplace.  

Diversity - Emily Homan

Emily Homan

I immediately sensed the close-knit culture from the first day I stepped foot in a Cox building.  I’ve met so many wonderful co-workers -- especially over food during potlucks in the Southeast Region.  One thing that stands out to me during my 15 years at Cox is that we treat each other like family.  Which made it enjoyable to share my Filipino heritage and fried rice with my work family.  I was so excited when the Lotus ERG launched in 2020.     

Diversity - Ken Granlund

Ken Grandlund

When I look at the commitment Cox has made to inclusion, diversity, and equity I can’t help but feel inspired and grateful, and excited to be part of the journey we’re taking together. As a member of the National and California Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Councils I’m able to be part of teams that advise and develop our company’s path forward, and the connections I’ve made across the organization give me a greater understanding of the challenges ahead, and how we can solve them together through collaboration among all our diverse abilities and experiences.

Diversity - Lynette Clark

Lynette Clark

Everyone has a unique story and experiences that’s shaped who we are. The ability to take those experiences while remaining open to learning from those with different perspectives & backgrounds is what fostering an inclusive, diverse & equitable space looks like to me. I’m grateful to work for a company that’s committed to supporting their employees, customers & communities through meaningful & purposeful actions. Cox understands that ID&E is more than just policies & programs but advocacy, education, trust, representation and respect to name a few. So much has been accomplished but still a ways to go however; I couldn’t be happier with the amazing work the ID&E teams across the organization are doing to create a truly inclusive workplace.   

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