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Flexible, Self-Healing MPLS IP-VPN Network Solution

Consolidate all of your IT infrastructure, end users, and applications into a single unified network for enhanced scalability and security with our MPLS IP-VPN network solution.

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Enhanced Application Performance

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Speeds Ranging from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps

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24/7 Customer Support

MPLS IP-VPN Benefits

Get a secure, flexible, convenient business communication solution with our MPLS IP-VPN service, which provides a secure infrastructure designed to scale at speed.

Four Classes of Service (CoS)

Tailor your network traffic to fit your business needs with Cox Business MPLS IP-VPN. Our solution supports up to four classes of service, including Real Time, Interactive Data, Priority Data, and Best Effort, all with multiple bandwidth and location options based on your custom network configuration.

Multiple Forms of Access

Take advantage of some of the most widely deployed access technologies to stay connected wherever the job takes you.  Ethernet and private line access are supported across the Cox footprint using fiber and/or hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable. Locations outside of our footprint are established and supported by third-party providers in partnership with Cox Business.

Flexible Topologies

Define access to your corporate resources with our flexible network. Cox Business MPLS IP-VPN supports fully meshed, hub and spoke, and partial mesh configurations as standard network topologies.

Robust Service Level Agreements

Reliable network performance backed by our superior service level agreements (SLAs) gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on your business success. The Cox Business MPLS IP-VPN core network SLAs are provided for packet delivery, latency, jitter, service availability, and time to repair.

Quality of Service

Maximize your network performance with standard QoS mechanisms. Using traffic classification, policing, shaping, prioritization, congestion management, and avoidance, our solutions safeguard your network, giving you the connectivity your business demands.

Advanced Security

Secure your network traffic without compromising performance. With a security-first design, Cox Business MPLS IP-VPN segments your traffic from other customer traffic and from the public Internet.

Advanced Communications

Exchange your most sensitive data with confidence. With our MPLS technology, you receive the trusted performance, reliability, and security of a private line with the scalability and flexibility of an IP network.

24/7 Customer Support

Get support from our local team of experts familiar with your business and your community.  We’re dedicated to connecting you with the right market engineers to solve your network concerns efficiently.

MPLS IP-VPN Solutions

Your critical business applications receive optimum network performance with our industry-targeted services. By complementing your MPLS IP-VPN service with our managed router solution, you get convenient end-to-end WAN management.

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  • Free up your IT resources by reducing WAN management needs.
  • Mitigate complexity caused by mergers and network consolidation.
  • Provide secure and reliable connectivity for healthcare information and locations.
  • Improve interactions and increase quality patient time through telemedicine.
  • Securely network healthcare campuses, clinics, insurance providers, and remote diagnostic centers.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and improve return on investment.

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  • Streamline  communication among agencies for efficient collaboration.
  • Help enhance safety and security for citizens.
  • Support bandwidth-intensive, real-time applications, like video court hearings.
  • Create a better user experience to foster productivity.
  • Improve scalability and lower costs.
  • Ease the procurement process with standard GSA contacts.
  • Augment delivery of e-government services.

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  • Reduce WAN management, freeing up IT resources to focus on educational issues.
  • Improve teacher effectiveness with enhanced classroom technology.
  • Advance student learning with next-generation learning methods.
  • Leverage smartboard/whiteboard integration and remote learning connectivity with multicast enablement.
  • Manage real-time video surveillance, cloud access, and server consolidation.
  • Deliver fast downloads and greater application access.
  • Satisfy online testing requirements with high bandwidth connections.
  • Ensure proper funding with expert guidance on E-Rate.

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  • Transfer critical financial data 24/7 through a secure environment.
  • Maintain PCI compliance.
  • Consolidate networks with minimal disruption.
  • Improve user experiences and online transaction speeds.
  • Access voice and video over one reliable network.
  • Support productivity with reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity.


MPLS-IP VPN helps forward data to increase the speed and flow of network traffic. Cox Business MPLS-IP VPN uses traffic classification, prioritization and congestion management to securely transfer your data and maximize your network performance.

Cox Business MPLS-IP VPN allows you to tailor your network traffic to meet your unique business needs. Contact one of our Cox Business representative to create your plan and ask about pricing.

MPLS is much faster than traditional IP Routing, as it uses a direct path to forward data rather than switching packets. Cox Business MPLS-IP VPN services allow you to exchange your most valuable data on a secure and private line.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to find out whether MPLS-IP VPN solutions are offered in your specific area.

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