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Enterprise Solutions for Higher Education

Our secure internet, networking, and integrated cloud-based services allow you to facilitate learning virtually anytime and anywhere. We enable seamless access to applications, learning materials, and other resources for students and staff. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet your needs no matter where you are on your smart campus journey.

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Smart Connectivity that Powers Higher Education

Create a state-of-the art learning environment with reliable technology that enables students, teachers, and administrators to thrive.

On-Campus Security

Build a safer, more secure campus for students, faculty and staff. Our connectivity will power a network of smart, WiFi-enabled devices for real-time security incident reporting and improved response time.

Modernizing the Campus Experience

Deliver the connected experience students expect with reliable WiFi that’s easily accessible campus-wide. Using secure credentials integrated with the school directory, students can view and stream content, connect smart devices, access educational resources, and more.

Maximize Technology Budget

Make the most of your technology funds. Our dedicated team of consultants will help you set up your hardware, software, applications and data management, allowing your IT staff to focus on your highest priority projects.


Protect your school, students, staff and faculty from cybersecurity threats with purpose-built technology designed to evolve faster than threats emerge.

Attracting Top Faculty and Staff

With powerful and reliable connectivity, faculty and staff can research, teach and connect with students and colleagues outside of the classroom. And when it’s time to relax, they can access entertainment anywhere on campus and on any connected device with Contour on Campus.

Enabling a Hybrid Approach to Lesson Delivery

Today, education happens in more places and in more ways than ever before. Managed Office 365, Managed Cloud Solutions, and SD-WAN open the door to classroom alternatives that can boost enrollment and make education a reality for all.

Integration of IoT and Smart Technologies

Leverage the power of smart technologies to build a smart campus, with optimal utility usage and management, well-controlled traffic, a secure environment, efficient facilities, maintenance and whatever comes next. Our managed solutions offer reliable WiFi, applications, and hardware connectivity managed on your behalf.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Make immersive learning possible with the powerful internet and WiFi connectivity needed for artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Cloud Computing for Education

Cloud computing significantly impacts education. Our solutions help improve how students in higher education learn, teachers instruct and educational institutions operate by improving communication and simplifying administrative costs. With cloud, you will also experience better security and data backup, helping to reduce the risk of sensitive data loss or downtime events.

Learn more about Cloud for Education

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Why Cox Business Solutions for Higher Education

Cox Business provides institutions with technology solutions that enable them to integrate, support and power various learning models.

Supporting Today’s Students and Faculty and Preparing for Tomorrow

"They really become an extension of your organization."

Learn how Cox Business is helping the UNLV School of Medicine:


  • Provide cutting edge phone and Internet technology
  • Connect multiple campuses seamlessly
  • Free up IT staff

Explore Higher Education WiFi and IT Solutions

Deliver innovative ideas and solve your school’s unique IT challenges with custom solutions to help you succeed. Explore our other offerings or schedule a free consultation below.

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