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Changing the Cox WiFi Hotspot Opt In / Opt Out Status


Cox is a member of a nationwide group of cable providers that offer over 400,000 WiFi Hotspots. While Cox believes this is an advantage to customers, as it offers free advertising and has the potential to draw business to their location, some customers may choose to opt out of broadcasting on the WiFi Hotspot map.

Follow the steps below to change the customer's opt in or opt out status.

  1. Login to MyAdmin.
  2. In the Search Type drop down menu, select the type of search.
  3. In the Search Criteria field, make the appropriate entry.
  4. Click Search.

On the left-side navigation, select Data Tools.

Select Data Tools


Select Internet Gateway.

Select Internet Gateway

  1. Select Cox WiFi Broadcast Opt In/Opt Out.
  2. Click Next.
  1. Are you opting in or opting out?
    • If opting in check the box next to Opt In to broadcast Cox WiFi SSIDs.
    • If opting out uncheck the box next to Opt In to broadcast Cox WiFi SSIDs.

      Check or uncheck box
      Note: If there are several devices, make the appropriate selection for each device that is listed.
  2. Click Save Changes.