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Infrastructure as a Service

With our Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, effectively and securely scale your IT cloud environment, while meeting compliance requirements.

  • On-demand capacity with enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Robust Level IV security, including exterior and biometric systems, scanners and more
  • Eliminate the risk of owning your own infrastructure


Why Your Company Needs IaaS

Take the guesswork out of IT virtualization and get scalable, secure and reliable on-demand cloud server capacity with Managed IaaS. Our Managed IaaS service reduces risk, lowers capital investment, simplifies compliance and delivers reliable disaster recovery, while increasing productivity across your business.


  • Increase capacity, add users and support business growth simply by telling us to ramp up your services – or handle it yourself.
  • Easily manage your virtual environment with our self-service console and 24/7 Rapid Response support team.
  • Only spend money on the computer and data storage you use with our pay-as-you go pricing model.

Infrastructure as a Service Key Features & Benefits


Reduce the demand on your cloud infrastructure and save CapEx by leveraging our Tier 3 data centers to store your critical applications.

Secure Data Centers

Our data centers house enterprise-level security, including security guards, exterior systems, biometric systems, security scanners, and continuous digital surveillance and recording.

Risk Mitigation

Eliminate the risk of owning your own equipment and the responsibilities that come with it, including data center upkeep and security.


With our firewalls, encryption, access control and DR solutions integrated within the infrastructure, Cox Business Cloud Solutions supports your compliance efforts.


We provide enterprise-grade infrastructure that supports high-volume workloads across your network, which will help your business gain robust performance, security and peace of mind.

Resource Optimization

We handle the “mundane” tasks that often prohibit IT teams from focusing on business-critical initiatives. Now, they can refocus on business growth and efficiency.

Standard Features:

  • Tier 3 PCI DSS-certified data centers
  • Cisco ASR Edge Routers
  • Cisco Nexus Core Switches
  • NSX Virtual Networking
  • NetApp All-Flash, Encrypted Storage
  • VMware ESXi Hypervisor with vCloud Director
  • Windows and/or Linux Operating Systems
  • Point-Click Cloud Server Deployment
  • Encrypted Data Transfer

Management Features:

  • Operating System Management
  • Server Troubleshooting
  • Automatic Updates
  • Patches
  • Firewall Configuration
  • VPN Configuration

Work Smart with Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can be daunting, but our managed infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes the complex process a breeze.

Cloud Resources

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Infrastructure as a Service FAQs:

Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components needed for cloud computing. It includes the networking, storage, virtualization and management tools needed to host a company's services, data and applications in the cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service delivers fundamental compute, network and storage resources managed on-demand via an Internet connection. It enables users to easily scale up and down, on-demand, depending on needs, while meeting compliance requirements.

There are many benefits of Infrastructure as a Service, including the ability to scale quickly, a predictable pricing model, risk mitigation and the ability to leverage Tier 3 data centers to store your critical applications and data.

Our Infrastructure as a Service offering gives businesses on-demand capacity with leading infrastructure tools and utilities. You will also get robust performance, security and peace of mind, so you can focus on business growth and efficiency.

The data centers where your information is stored are equipped with sophisticated security measures, including monitoring systems, multi-layered security safeguards and central management. Your data is also encrypted, which protects it from viruses and hackers.

With Cox Business IaaS, pay only for the data and storage used with monthly subscription. Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to customize your plan and ask about pricing.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to learn whether our IaaS solutions are available in your area.

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