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Next-Generation Connectivity

SD-Gateway from Cox Business sets you up with a next-generation business router that’s capable of choosing the best connection available.

SD-Gateway Benefits

Why Your Company Needs SD-Gateway

If your business applications depend on Internet connectivity, you should consider using a next-generation business router. SD-Gateway from Cox Business uses software-defined networking to keep your business online and productive.

SD-Gateway: Features

Get the connectivity your business requires, without disruptive expense or complexity.

Multiple connectivity

Multiple connection reliability

With SD-Gateway, your business has access to multiple internet connections. Traffic can seamlessly switch or load-balance to use the best-performing internet connection, whether that’s from Cox Business or another provider using wired or intelligent LTE wireless failover* for critical business applications.

Application performance

Improved application performance

Critical business applications are prioritized over other traffic and dynamically use the best performing Internet connection.

Network monitoring

Proactive network monitoring and notification

Stay focused on your business priorities while SD-Gateway proactively identifies network problems, starts resolution as soon as they are detected, and notifies you, in some cases, before users are even aware of an issue.

Performance dashboard

Performance dashboard

At a single glance, understand how your internet connections are performing and which applications are utilizing the bulk of your bandwidth.

SD-Gateway FAQs

Yes, SD-Gateway can provide independent standalone services for multiple locations. If you need to connect your business locations together SD-WAN (link to SD-WAN page) is available.

Yes, we can migrate your solution from SD-Gateway to SD-WAN as your business needs change. Contact us to learn more.

  • SD-Gateway continuously monitors the performance of your internet circuits and makes intelligent decisions to improve the internet experience for your end users which helps improve their productivity and your business’s operations.
  • A traditional managed router solution does not offer the same level of monitoring and performance enhancement.

We prioritize traffic based on the performance requirements of the application making sure that real time applications like VoIP always get the highest priority and use the best-performing Internet connection when possible.

Your business runs on the Internet and when it goes down or performs poorly it negatively impacts your business. A second Internet connection helps ensure business continuity and improves application performance so your employees will have a better experience.

Our US-based Network Operations Center continuously monitors your service and in the event of a service disruption we will proactively notify you of any potential impacts and keep you updated on the actions we are taking to resolve them.

Cox Business offers multiple solutions that can fit your requirements, including Net Assurance. Contact us to learn more.

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