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SD-Gateway from cox Business

Next-Generation Connectivity for Superior Performance

SD-Gateway from Cox Business keeps your operations up and running with enhanced reliability, improved application performance, and proactive monitoring to resolve problems, sometimes before anyone notices an issue.


Why Your Company Needs SD-Gateway

Tailored to your business SD-Gateway is the ideal solution for single-location businesses with big needs, but fewer technical resources.1 The solution combines next-generation network hardware and intelligent software to provide:


  • Multi Connection Reliability
  • Improved Application Performance
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Performance Dashboard

SD-Gateway Key Features and Benefits

Multi Connection Reliability

With support for multiple Internet connections, traffic can seamlessly switch or load-balance to use the best performing connection from Cox or another provider using wired or intelligent LTE wireless failover2 for critical business applications.

Improved Application Performance

Business applications are prioritized over other traffic using next-generation networking and use the best performing connection to ensure a good user experience.

Proactive Monitoring

We provide peace of mind by proactively identifying service problems, starting resolution as soon as they are detected, and notifying you, in some cases, before users are even aware of an issue.

Performance Dashboard

See how your Internet connections are performing and monitor what applications are using your bandwidth from a single view.


Let’s Get In Touch

Whether you’re a new or an existing customer, we’re here to talk about your business needs and answer any questions you have about our services.

  1. May only be purchased for a single location. If multiple locations are required, contact your sales representative about SD-WAN Pro.
  2. LTE service sold separately