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Private Transport to Your Public Cloud Infrastructure

Connect your office, network resources, and data centers safely and securely to all of your cloud computing and platform services with Cox Business CloudPort.


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Reliable, Secure Private Network

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100% Fiber-Based, Carrier-Grade Networking

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Real-Time Class of Service

Cloud Connectivity Services

Private Connectivity Benefits of CloudPort

Securely connect to major cloud service providers to take advantage of on-net network performance with Cox Business CloudPort.  Our services make it easy to establish a secure and reliable Ethernet or SD-WAN connection from your office to providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Application Benefits

Improve the reliability, security, and performance of your business applications, including IP voice, video, and backup resources, with our supported Cloud Services Providers  facilities.

Network Performance Portal

Ensure your critical cloud-based applications are performing effectively and efficiently with CloudPort. Our convenient web-based portal provides access to active performance monitoring, near real-time network measurement, and SLA adherence, giving you the information you need to adjust for optimal results.

Private Networking Security

Protect your business, stay compliant, and reduce DDoS concerns with Cox Business CloudPort.  Using a private Ethernet networking service, we deliver secure, direct access to cloud-based applications to help protect your business.

Predictable Network Performance

Enhance end-user satisfaction with CloudPort’s predictable network performance that decreases latency, jitter, and packet loss.

Carrier-Grade Network Reliability

Keep your critical applications operating efficiently with a network that’s always up and available to support your business.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Stay on budget and improve operating efficiency with fixed bandwidth costs. Our services help you stay connected without the expense of providing and securing branch-level Internet services.

Cloud Connectivity Solutions

Connect directly and securely to cloud providers with Cox Business CloudPort. Our cloud solutions deliver low-latency access and excellent application performance with the high availability of a private network.

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Cloud Connectivity Benefits

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Dependable Performance

Increase speed, improve security, and reduce vendor costs with Cox Business CloudPort. Backed by service level agreements, our service keeps your hosted cloud applications separate from other internet traffic for improved speed and added data security.

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Security and Compliance

Get all the convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the security of your own private network, even if your business has specific compliance requirements. CloudPort helps reduce equipment, maintenance, and operating expenses, while improving the safety of your business’s critical data.

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Flexible Networking Options

CloudPort provides you deployment options in supporting either a Cox Business  Layer 2 Metro-E Network or a Layer 3 SD-WAN network.

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Network Reporting

Monitor your network traffic with regular reports from Cloudport. Data-driven insights ensure your critical applications are running at optimal speeds.

Cloud Connectivity FAQs

CloudPort securely connects your business to major cloud service providers, while giving businesses a convenient way to access cloud solutions and applications. With Cox Business CloudPort services, businesses can connect their offices, network resources and data centers to cloud services.

Cox Business CloudPort allows businesses to stay on budget with fixed bandwidth costs. Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to ask about our services and pricing.

CloudPort allows users to access all aspects of their organization on a single platform, including their network resources, data and applications. With access to major cloud providers, businesses can easily integrate various cloud solutions into their daily operations.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to learn whether our CloudPort services are available in your area.

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