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Cox Business Move & Transfer Services

Count on us for a smooth move

Transferring your service to a new location? We'll get your business back online fast. Chat with us or call 1-866-737-8209 to get started.

Cox Business Transfer Checklist

Moving your business to a new office location is a process that requires careful planning. We understand your business's needs during this time of transition and are here to help make your service transfer as smooth as possible. The information below will help you prepare for a successful transfer of your Cox Business services to your new location.

Learn about 3 basic steps to help you transfer your Phone, Internet and business services

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Schedule your transfer

Prepare installation

Prepare for your installation

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Cancel old business service & update info

1. Schedule your transfer

  • Contact us: When you know your new address and move-in date, call us at 1-866-737-8209
  • Return your new service agreement: Return the signed agreement to your Cox Business sales representative. If the new location already has Cox Business service, the transfer typically takes 10-14 business days from the time we receive your agreement based on address serviceability (expect extra time if there's a different service provider).
  • If you need new outlets or jacks, Cox Business can do the wiring for you at competitive rates. Tell the sales representative when you place your order, so we can include time for the work during your installation.

2. Prepare for your installation

  • Involve your IT resource: If you have an IT person on staff or use a vendor, it's a good idea to have them onsite during the install to help maintain service continuity - for example, if you need server or equipment updates because your IP address changed.
  • Get the most out of your new service: Visit our Resource Center for the latest information on your products and services, including user guides and tutorials.

3. Cancel old business service and update account info

  • Contact us: Call 1-866-737-8209 to cancel service at your previous location.
    Return your old equipment: Learn about the Cox Business equipment return options.
  • Link your new account:  You'll receive a new account number for your new location; add it to your MyAccount profile by selecting Add Account from the profile administration section.
  • Update payment information: If you already use EasyPay , set it up again for your new account number to ensure continued payments. Visit MyAccount Manage Auto Payments to make the change. If you use your bank's online bill pay, update the account number on file.
  • Understand billing for your current and new locations: Cox Business services are billed one month in advance; any services provided for a partial month will be billed based on number of service days.