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Reliable, secure solutions for healthcare providers

When caring for patients you need a network that works.

Core solutions for healthcare providers

Our industry experts can help improve the patient experience with secure Internet connectivity and IT systems built to protect patient data and securely connect with other healthcare providers.

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Why Cox Business Solutions for Healthcare

Cox Business knows the unique needs of healthcare providers and provides technology solutions that give added reliability with redundancy and enhanced data security that's crucial to your practice.

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Connectivity and collaboration solutions

Scalable options to help your practice stay connected and productive.


Service and support you can depend on

We're personally committed to ensuring your business has exactly what it needs to get ahead. With a reliable and fast network you can count on plus enhanced customer and IT support, you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

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99.9% network reliability

Our network provides connectivity to critical infrastructure in your town.

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10 gig speeds

Our fiber-based network delivers stable, fast multi-gig Internet.*

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Powering businesses of every kind

We're proud to help businesses everywhere reach their customers—and their goals.

Nebraska Methodist Health System and Cox Business

Learn how Nebraska Methodist keeps life-saving technology running with robust telecommunication services and more.

Healthcare Solution FAQs

Doctors, nurses, and medical specialists — from physical therapists to dentists and beyond — need a secure, reliable internet solution to keep patient data secure, meet clients in-person or via telehealth, and more. For large hospitals, a dedicated or fiber internet connection may be the best option while a small business internet plan may be better suited for smaller medical offices. Contact us to explore the best internet solutions for you.

Cybersecurity matters for hospitals, medical offices and clinics because these types of businesses have a wealth of patient data — from a person’s address and contact information to diagnoses, treatments and sources of payment — that needs to be kept secure.

From business phone lines to a business phone system powered by VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), different phone options are better suited for different medical offices. Either way, you can schedule appointments and consult with patients with clear and reliable phone service. Use business phone lines to connect fax machines and smaller offices or a business phone system with collaboration capabilities included to conduct video consultations with patients and collaborate in real time with other medical professionals. Contact Cox Business to find the right phone solution for your office.

Television is an important consideration in the healthcare industry. Patients, as well as their friends and family, may want to watch TV while waiting for or recovering from a medical procedure. A quick update from a news channel, an old episode of a favorite sitcom, a sports game, or a concert can go a long way toward helping patients and their loved ones relax in a hospital or clinical setting. Choose your TV lineup with a complete telecom solution via Cox Business.

Cloud computing is valuable for data storage, such as patient data, and backup. Cox Business offers a suite of healthcare IT services, including cloud computing for hospitals, medical offices and clinics. The most critical need that a cloud solution meets in these settings is to ensure that patient data is stored and backed up so that a patient’s information is never lost.

Telehealth has become an accepted method of conducting many kinds of medical appointments. An effective telehealth solution will keep patient data secure while providing a seamless connection via high-speed internet. You don’t want to be the doctor or medical practitioner who’s cutting out every few seconds while a patient is trying to meet with you. Cox Business offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for hospitals, healthcare offices and medical clinics, including high-speed internet and wifi, business phone services, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, 24/7 technical support, and more.

To keep patient data secure, a hospital, medical office or healthcare clinic must have an effective cybersecurity solution in place. These kinds of businesses have some of the most valuable data out there, including a person’s diagnosis, medical procedures and sources of payment and identification. Cox Business has an all-encompassing IT solution to offer healthcare practitioners, including top-of-the-line cybersecurity.

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*Internet delivered through Cox’s hybrid fiber-coax network. Speeds vary and are not guaranteed.