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Security as a Service

Address security vulnerabilities and achieve compliance easier with our portfolio of Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions designed for businesses of all sizes.

  • Multi-layer defense strategy tailored to your business
  • Built-in identity management services
  • Compliance support for regulated industries


Why Your Company Needs SECaaS

Using our security expertise and technology partnerships, we’ve developed an incredibly effective security stack that offers a gateway to productivity and growth. Our solutions range from virtual desktops to hosting your data in our Tier 3 data centers, putting you in a position to enable business continuity and regulatory compliance.


  • Establish enterprise-level security by implementing virtual desktops, encryption and fully managed firewalls.
  • Protect mission-critical data with email security, anti-virus and advanced threat detection and remediation.
  • Mitigate cloud risk and data mobility costs, while maintaining control across your on-premises and cloud resources.

Security as a Service Key Features and Benefits

Leading Technology

We partner with the industry’s leading security technology companies to reinforce our defenses with proven solutions.


Simplify IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services into one security solution.

Data Encryption

Our data encryption and security protocols help protect your information in virtually every situation, even when mobile users access the systems.

Vigilant Support

In addition to our robust security portfolio, we have a team of experts on hand to protect your business.

Tailored Solutions

Working with your IT team, we implement security policies that blend risk assessment, security solutions and threat detection strategies to stay ahead of cybersecurity attacks.

Cloud Security Solutions

Our cloud security solutions can help solve today’s most common business security challenges:


  • Data breaches
  • Compliance requirements
  • Asset tracking
  • Employee privacy
  • Cyberattacks that cause downtime and loss of data

Security Technology Partners

We work with today’s leading security companies to address your unique business vulnerabilities, sticking with you from solution design through security management.


  • Email security and archiving with Mimecast
  • Anti-virus software with Trend Micro
  • Website security with Imperva
  • Two-factor authentication with Duo
  • Firewall protection with FortiGate
  • Unified Security Management
  • Advanced monitoring and Microsoft 365 backup with SolarWinds
  • Cloud backup with Veeam
  • Disaster recovery with Zerto

Cloud Resources

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Security as a Service FAQs:

Managed cloud security combines security expertise and technology partnerships to help ensure your business or business’ data is protected against cybersecurity attacks whether it’s in motion, at rest or in use, even when mobile users access systems.

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is synonymous with managed cloud security, so whether you refer to your business or business’ security solution as SECaaS or managed cloud security, know that your data is protected against today's dynamic threat landscape.

Working with your IT team, we implement security policies that blend risk assessment, security solutions and threat detection strategies to stay ahead of cybersecurity attacks and the most common security challenges, like data breach, compliance requirements and employee privacy. Your data is also encrypted to protect your information in virtually every situation.

It never hurts to have multiple forms of back up, but it’s important to note your data is still on physical equipment at the data center. The physical service is managed by a cloud provider rather than the business itself, so you can rest easy.

The data centers where your information is stored are equipped with sophisticated security measures, including monitoring systems, multi-layered security safeguards and centralized management. Your data is also encrypted, which protects it from viruses and hackers.

Cox Business SECaaS plans offer tailored solutions with a monthly or yearly subscription. Contact one of our Cox Business representative to create your customized plan and ask about pricing.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to learn if our SECaaS solutions are available in your area.

Managed security service providers (MSSP) are offered in fixed contracts, offering monitoring and alerts by technology experts. Typically, any sort of incident response by an MSSP provider comes at an additional cost. SECaaS services are offered on a scalable, monthly subscription base that includes access to industry leaders, monitoring, alerts and incident response.

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