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Seamless Connections Across Multiple Locations

Leverage the simplicity, scalability, and economies of our metro ethernet services to help increase productivity and connect multiple locations.

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Enhanced Application Performance

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Speeds Ranging from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps

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24/7 Customer Support

Metro Ethernet Services

Discover the high-speed, cost-effective alternative to carrier MPLS networking. Cox Business Metro Ethernet is a powerful, reliable choice for schools, hospitals, government organizations, and businesses.

Ethernet Simplicity

You are in control with Cox Business Metro Ethernet; no need to coordinate with a carrier to make simple changes.

Secure Network

Your sensitive data runs on a highly secure network that’s resistant to many security issues common in public networks.

Application Performance

Our Metro Ethernet offering supports multiple classes of service. This support and the ability to control network tagging ensures your most important applications receive great  performance.

Scalability & Flexibility

Ethernet services offer higher speeds than traditional Internet services like DSL or TDM, so your network can grow with your business.

Expert Support

Get the responsive customer service your business deserves. With Cox Business, your network is monitored 24/7 by our  U.S.-based Network Operations Center.

Availability & Reliability

With our fiber-rich and fiber-coax networks, you get a widely available, highly redundant, and reliable metro network architecture to run your business.

Performance Monitoring

Cox Business Ethernet Performance Management Reporting (EPMR) allows you to evaluate the performance of your Ethernet circuits quickly and easily through a web portal.

Multiple Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Cox Business Carrier Ethernet solutions offer the ability to deploy services within the continental U.S.

Metro Ethernet Industry Applications

Ensuring access in a big-data world with metro ethernet solutions from Cox Business.

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  • Digitize physician order entry and RFID requirements
  • Securely transfer electronic health records (EHRs) over a private network
  • Improve access and patient interactions through convenient telemedicine
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and improve return on investment
  • Securely connect healthcare campuses, clinics, medical insurance providers, and remote diagnostic centers
  • Securely transfer electronic health records (EHRs) over a private network
  • Use the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) for ever-increasing image sizes
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  • Secure interagency communication with increased efficiency and collaboration
  • Enhance delivery of e-government services
  • Help Improve citizen safety and security
  • Improve staff productivity by providing a better user experience
  • Make the most of new technology (like video court hearings) with support for bandwidth-intensive, real-time applications.
  • Secure interagency communication.
  • Scale smoothly in a cost-effective way
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  • Improve delivery of information-based student services
  • Improve teacher effectiveness by bringing learning-enhancing technology e.g. smartboard integration and remote learning connectivity into the classroom
  • Keep your students secure with real-time video surveillance, cloud access, and server consolidation
  • Satisfy online testing requirements with higher bandwidth connections
  • Save time and frustration with faster downloads and application access
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  • A secure environment for transporting critical financial data 24/7
  • Deliver video-based banking to your entire branch network
  • Ensure the continuous delivery of critical financial transactions with complete business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Get faster, more reliable service with high-bandwidth connectivity and PCI compliance
  • Improve user experience and online transaction speeds
  • Send voice, video, and data over one reliable network

Metro Ethernet FAQs

Using Metro Ethernet, businesses are able to connect multiple locations together through a private network with dedicated bandwidth. Cox Metro Ethernet also allows businesses to increase their network capacity, offering fast speeds and security in a cost-effective way.

Cox Business offers cost-effective Metro Ethernet solutions, connecting your business to fiber-rich and fiber-coax networks. Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to ask about plans and pricing available in your area.

Cox Business Metro Ethernet supports business demands with speeds up to 100 Gbps. Metro Ethernet services offer higher bandwidth and faster download speeds than traditional Internet services, like DSL or TDM.

Metro Ethernet utilizes Ethernet to connect LANs that are geographically separated, while also integrating the WAN owned by service providers, such as Cox. This technology allows users to access a high-bandwidth connection.

Simply put, Metro Ethernet is the road and MPLS is the carrier transporting data from one location to another. Metro Ethernet allows your service provider to securely connect multiple offices across their network. MPLS will ensure data moves through the service provider’s cloud to its destination.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to find out whether our Metro Ethernet services are available in your area and ask about pricing.  

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