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SIP Trunking and PRI Trunking

Get the most from your on-premise phone equipment and PBX. Our SIP and PRI Trunking Services provide crystal-clear calling, easy scalability, and cloud-based features to help your employees stay productive.

Ready to learn how Cox Business can help solve your challenges? Speak with one of our Specialized Trunking Representatives.

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Business Continuity Protection

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Real-time Demand Scaling

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Manage Features Online

SIP Trunking Services

Throttle your calling capacity based on business demands with SIP Trunking. This cost-effective voice solution integrates with your existing SIP PBX system, with features that scale with you and keep your teams connected. With easy online management through MyAccount, your business is always up and running.

Low Capital Costs

Integration between your existing IP PBX and our IP network eliminates the need to install expensive gateway hardware and provides cost savings to your business.

Customized Configuration

Specify the exact number of trunks your business needs and pay for only the capacity you use.

Trunk Group Management Online

Update trunk group features, enterprise trunk features, and view trunk metrics at a glance, all from an easy to use web interface.  

Remote Office

Display your business line on caller ID no matter which telephone or device you are using to call.

Burstable Capacity

Automatically increase local call capacity during times of high demand for improved bandwidth and to control costs.

Professional Installation

Experienced technicians ensure you have the most up-to-date trunking technology.

SIP-certified PBX Systems

Our SIP Trunking services integrate with these PBX systems. If your system isn't listed, we'll validate it during your consultation to ensure compatibility.

  • 3CX 12.0
  • Adtran NetVanta
  • Allworx 6x, 24x, 48x series
  • Allworx 6x 24x 48x v7.7.6.4
  • Allworx 6x
  • AltiGen 6.7
  • Asterisk v11.12
  • Asterisk 12.6
  • Asterisk 13.2
  • Asterisk v1.6 / Trixbox v2.8
  • Asterisk v1.8.7
  • Asterisk 10.4.2
  • Asterisk Now 3.0
  • Avaya Aura Session Manager & CM v5.2.1
  • Avaya Aura Session Manager with CS1K
  • Avaya IP Office 8.0
  • Cisco BE3000 8.6.3 w/CUBE
  • Cisco CME 8.5
  • Cisco UCM v7.1.3
  • Cisco UCM 8.6.2 w/CUBE
  • Digium SwitchVox v5.1.2
  • Epygi QX50, QX200, and QX2000 v6.1.x
  • ESI v100
  • ESI-900 v25.1.3.11
  • ININ 3.0
  • ININ 4.0
  • LG IPECS v5.5
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010 IP PBX
  • Mitel 5000 v5.1
  • Mitel 5000 v6.0
  • NEC 8300
  • NEC 8500
  • NEC Spherical
  • NEC SV8100 v6.02
  • NEC SV9100 ver 1.8
  • Panasonic KX-NCP500
  • Panasonic KX-TDE100
  • Samsung 7100 v4.82
  • Samsung Officeserv 7100
  • Shortel Unified Communications v13.3
  • Shortel Unified Communications v14
  • ShoreWare Director v14.2
  • Tadiran Coral
  • Toshiba CIX 4
  • Toshiba IP Edge v5.0

Want to avoid the high maintenance costs of PBX equipment and phones? Our Hosted VoIP Phone Systems offer a cloud-based solution that delivers the performance and advanced features your business demands. Plus, all systems include phones.

PRI Trunking Services

Advanced digital features and superior connectivity make Cox Business PRI Trunking Services an ideal solution for your business. From robust remote features to system reliability and uncompromising call clarity, our service has just what you need.

Personal Mobility

Communicate with your customers from any location with all of your office phone and messaging features at your fingertips.

Business Trunk Community

Maintain mission-critical communication services in the event of a PBX service disruption.

Emergency Locator

Direct emergency responders to the exact location where a 911 call originated with this optional solution that helps you create a safer environment for employees, guests, and customers.

PRI Digital Trunking Datasheet

Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 23 Individual Voice-grade Trunks
  • Individual DS-1 Pipe Channel Control
  • Connects with PBXs, LANs, and Host Computers
  • 1.544 Mbps with ISDN Signaling
  • Handoff Interfaces of RJ48X, DB15, and RS530
  • Dial Pulse Signalling


  • Loop Start
  • Ground Start
  • Direct Inward Dialling (DID)
  • Direct Outward Dialling (DOD)
  • Two-Way
  • Automatic Number Identification Service (ANI) on Dedicated Service
  • Dial Number Identification Service (DNIS) on Dedicated Service

Installation and Support:

  • Professional Install
  • Business-grade Service Level Agreements
  • 24/7 Dedicated Local Support Teams

Trunking Services FAQs

SIP Trunking integrates with your premise-based SIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange). It’s a tailored, cost-effective voice solution with scalable features and end-user mobility options that increase productivity. SIP Trunking has the option to burst the voice trunk group, which provides temporary use of additional calling capacity as your business needs it. Plus, with business continuity features that can be managed online via MyAccount, you can keep your business running, even during service disruptions.

Cox Business SIP trunking services offer a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need to purchase expensive gateway hardware. Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to ask about our plans and pricing.

PRI provides businesses with a physical connection to a regional telephone network. It integrates with PBX equipment, allowing businesses to have up to 100 phone numbers and 23 simultaneous voice channels. Cox PRI trunking solutions offer advanced features for an unbeatable call experience.

SIP is used to transfer multimedia data (voice, text and video) over an Internet connection, VPN or physical phone network. VoIP can only send voice data on a single channel.

Contact one of our Cox Business representatives to learn whether Cox Business SIP Trunking plans are offered in your area.

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