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Business Voicemail, Long Distance, and Additional Phone Services

Get the most from your business phone services and help increase productivity with features like voicemail, long-distance plans, service assurance, and more.

Ready to learn how we can support your communication needs? Our Expert Phone Consultants are here for you.

1-800 Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Toll-free phone numbers give your customers, clients, and vendors a free, easy way to call you. We offer toll-free numbers beginning with 800, 888, 877, 866, and more to match your phone service needs.


Provide your customers a simple and professional way to contact you.

Keep Your Number

Seamlessly transition your existing toll-free or vanity toll-free number in a snap.

Virtual Routing

Optional routing features provide flexibility, directing calls anywhere your business is located.

Track Calls

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) allow your customer service representatives to see who is calling, helping to improve customer experience and reduce transaction time.

Long-Distance and Toll-Free Numbers

Our wide range of long-distance and toll-free options provide voice solutions designed for your business.

Ideal for frequent long-distance calls.

Stop long-distance spending surprises. Provided on a per-line basis, our Unlimited Plan covers all outbound, direct-dialed long-distance calls anywhere within the United States for a fixed fee.

Ideal for call volume that varies from month to month.

For a monthly fee, the 5-Cent Calling Plan provides a low cost-per-minute rate for your domestic long-distance and toll-free service, allowing you to only pay for what you use.

Ideal for regular interstate calling business needs.

Get cost savings with a free block of interstate long-distance minutes per month, shared across your phone lines.

Ideal for predictable long-distance calling.

Receive a per-minute discount over the Standard Plan rate for your nationwide long-distance calls.

Ideal for minimal long-distance calling needs.

Minute Packs provide long-distance calling for a flat monthly price and lower per-minute rates.

Ideal for basic long-distance calling and budget management.

Get long-distance service at a competitive rate without a term agreement.

Ideal for frequent international long-distance calls.

Make international long distance calls at your convenience.

Call Analytics

Improve productivity and refine business practices with Cox Call Analytics. Our robust analysis tool allows you to easily track and evaluate usage with Voice Utilization Reporting, Call Detail Reporting, and SmartBill. Versatile, web-based datasets allow you to visualize information for data-driven planning and implementation to support your business goals.

Business Voicemail Features

Save time and eliminate the worry of missing important calls and messages.  Our voicemail solutions offer all the standard features you expect along with custom features designed to fit your business needs.

Custom Greeting Options

Give each number in your mailbox its own personal message, busy and extended-absence greeting.

Distribution Lists

Make up to 15 group lists with 25 numbers each and send messages to everyone on the list from one central place.

Reminder Service

Keep track of unplayed messages with a convenient reminder each time you access your voicemail.

Extended Absence Greeting

Average Latency (ms)Ensure that callers know you’re away and manage your voicemail more effectively for a defined period of time.

Visual Voicemail

View, filter, search, and play all voicemail messages from your computer, tablet, or other web-enabled device.

Message Features

With the push of a button, you can forward, send, recover, and redirect calls. Quick response messages and time/date stamps keep you on the go and accountable.

Unified Messaging and Readable Voicemail

Route new voicemail messages to your email inbox and receive a separate message with the transcribed voicemail, so you’re never out of touch.

Message Notification

Alerts you to new voicemail messages when you’re at your office, home, or on the go.

Urgent Message Notification Only

Limit notification messages to only those marked Urgent.

Automated Attendant

Route callers to an extension, company directory, or operator.

Standard Voicemail

Quickly access your messages in the office or on the go. Save time with user-friendly functions such as automatic callback, message forwarding, group lists, and more.

Business Extension Mailbox

With a single phone number, give callers an easy, convenient way to reach anyone in your company directory.

Group Mailbox

Get all of your voice messages in one easy-to-access central mailbox, where each phone number has a unique greeting.

Service Assurance Plan

Protect your business phone service from wiring problems inside and outside of your building with our Service Assurance Plan.  For one low monthly cost per outlet, call one of our experienced, reliable technicians for help with diagnosis and repair for the following:

  • Voice or voice/data outlets that deliver VoiceManager service.
  • Equipment owned or supplied by Cox, including wiring of the service.
  • Pinpoint the problem on customer-owned or third-party equipment.

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