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Check For A Service Outage

Whether it’s severe storms, network maintenance or other events, we know staying connected is critical for running your business.

If you have a Cox Business MyAccount User ID, login online or in the app to look for service interruptions on your account.

Outage Troubleshooting

Network Outage Tips:

During an outage, our technicians are working 24/7 to restore your services. If Oliver confirmed you’re in an outage, here are some helpful tips.

Alert icon

Do Not Reset Your Equipment

Resetting or rebooting your equipment may cause additional problems.

Call forwarding

Forward Your Calls

To avoid missed calls, set up call forwarding in MyAccount or the MyAccount app.

Readable voicemail

Check Your Voicemail

Wifi icon

Access WiFi Hotspots

Stay connected with access to over 4 million hotspots nationwide.

During an outage, security solutions alarm systems will continue operating using a cellular backup connection. Surveillance cameras will continue recording and store the captured video on the local network video recorder. Once your service is restored, you’ll be able to review and retrieve the stored footage remotely.

Get outage information with the Cox Business MyAccount app.

  • Check the status of your network.
  • Reset your Internet, Voice, and TV equipment.
  • Chat with us about any concerns 24/7.

Download the app today:

Download Cox Business MyAccount App on the App Store icon in colorDownload Cox Business MyAccount App From Google Play Store

other Basic Troubleshooting

Tips if you're not in a network outage:

If your service issues aren’t because of a network outage, try these basic troubleshooting tips.


Check Your Physical Connection

Verify your devices are plugged into a working outlet—not a power strip--and all physical connections are attached and secured. Confirm the power light is flashing.

Router Signal

Restart Your Devices

Unplug your devices from the outlet (preferred) or back of the equipment. Note: Do not press the reset button. Wait five minutes before plugging them back in. For digital receivers, once the clock activates, the reset is complete.


Reboot Devices Within MyAccount

Reboot your devices within MyAccount or the MyAccount app.

Credit card

Ensure Your Bill is Up-to-Date

Late payments may cause a service disruption. Verify you are not overdue or late within MyAccount or the MyAccount app.

Browse Business Outage Support Categories

If you're still experiencing a service disruption, use these specific equipment-related troubleshooting resources to help get your devices back up and running.

Internet icon

Business Internet Outage Support

Phone icon

Business Phone Outage Support

TV icon

Business TV Outage Support

Security solutions icon

Business Security Outage Support

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