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Cox Business Outage Support

Troubleshoot service outages that may affect your business

Whether it’s severe storms, network maintenance, or other outage events, we know staying connected is critical for running your business.

Electricity is necessary to power your Cox Business equipment. If you experience a loss of power, your local utility provider must restore power before our technicians can start restoring your services. We’ll get you back up and running as soon as possible.

If you have electricity, and you’re still experiencing issues, the following troubleshooting tips may be useful.

Basic Troubleshooting


Check Physical Connection

Verify your devices are plugged into a working outlet instead of a power strip and all physical connections are attached and secured. Check to see that the power light is flashing.

Router Signal

Restart Your Devices

Unplug your devices from the outlet (preferred) or back of the equipment. Note: Do not press the reset button. Wait five minutes before plugging them back in. For digital receivers, once the clock activates, the reset is complete.


Reset Devices Within MyAccount

Reset your devices within MyAccount from the My Equipment section.  Click here to access MyAccount or download the app here.

Credit card

Ensure Your Bill is Up-to-Date

Late payments could cause a service disruption. Verify that you are not overdue or late within MyAccount billing.

Business Internet Outage Support

Connection issues?

Having problems with your business Internet connection - get access to info on managing your LAN, WiFi and Internet connections settings for all your devices.

Need help with Internet, Wifi, Web Hosting, Email and other services?

Visit the Business Internet Support section for more support

Stay Connected During an Outage

Connect to the Internet at one of the WiFi hotspots. Cox Business Internet customers have access to over 650,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide.

Business Phone Outage Support

Calling Problems?

Troubleshoot calling features like international dialing and anonymous call rejection as well as issues with your hardware like phone not ringing or having a dialtone.

Need help with Equipment, Phone Tools, Features or Voicemail?

Visit the Business Phone Support section for more support

Stay Connected During an Outage

To avoid missed calls, set up Call Forwarding in MyAccount. Log in to MyAccount and select the 'Call Forwarding' icon under Voice Tools.

Quick Tip: Voicemail Access

Your voicemail will continue to work.  You can access voicemail remotely if needed by dialing your office number and pressing *5 when the greeting plays followed by their password.

Business Security Outage Support

Equipment Problems?

Get all the answers to troubleshoot your equipment

Stay Connected During an Outage

Your Cox Business Security Solutions products will continue to record and the captured video will be stored on the local network video recorder.  Once your service is restored, you’ll be able to review and retrieve the stored footage remotely.

Business TV Outage Support

TV equipment issues?

From Cisco to Motorola and every other receiver that you may have for you Cox Business TV service - get all the answers to ensure your customer's experience is great.

Need help with TV Apps, Features, Recording, or Picture and Audio?

Visit the Business TV Support section for more support

Quick Check: TV Input

Check your TV settings for the right input. You can also scroll through each labeled input one at a time and return to live TV to see if the picture is restored.

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We’re here for you during this challenging time. As your business evolves and you get back to work, Cox Business has the people, network and communication solutions to support you and help your business thrive, keeping you connected to what matters most. Utilize our digital self-service tools to manage your Cox Business account online.

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