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Innovative Technology Solutions for the classroom

Supporting K-12 Schools

As a leading technology solutions provider, Cox Business has an extensive portfolio of education IT solutions to help students, faculty and staff stay connected while on campus or learning remotely. We understand the unique challenges facing K-12 educators and have designed our solutions to meet those demands.

Key Benefits

Next Generation Features for K-12

Reliable and secure network

Reliable and secure network

Our network is designed to keep students and faculty securely connected both on and off campus.


Ensure productivity

Process information quickly and efficiently through accessible cloud-learning applications and technology solutions.

Expert dedicated support

Expert dedicated support

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide support and ensure our solutions are working as they should.

Customized Solutions

Solving Challenges for K-12

Empowering K-12 educators across the nation, Cox Business builds connected classrooms for every grade. With our reliable high-speed internet, and powerful collaboration tools, we equip students, faculty, and teachers to thrive in any learning environment.

Connectivity and Redundancy

Cox Business has a variety of creative solutions to meet your needs. From reliable high-speed Internet up to 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) to Hosted Voice and Collaboration, we have the tools students and educators need whether on campus or learning remotely.

Network and Security

Keep your school’s network safe with managed WiFi, Security as a Service, NOC as a Service, SD-WAN Services, Email Security, Cloudport, Private Line, and MPLS IP-VPN solutions.

Managed Cloud Services

Our Cloud Solutions provide reliable, innovative and secure solutions designed to make managing your school’s IT easier, so administrators can focus on the core mission of learning.

Digital Equity and Access

For students who may need low-cost Internet at home for assignments and remote learning, Cox offers eligible families connectivity options through Connect2Compete and plans that align with the FCC’s broadband program.

Be confident we have the right solutions

We take pride in assisting K-12 educational institutions in addressing the diverse needs and goals of their students, teachers, and staff members.

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Why Cox Business for K-12 Educators

Ready to create an innovative and forward-looking K-12 educational environment? Cox Business offers a comprehensive range of tools that can transform your vision into reality.


Scalable options to stay connected and productive

Internet services

Internet Services

High-speed internet services and symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) provide reliable and fast connectivity for K-12 schools.

Hosted voice and collaboration

Hosted Voice and Collaboration

Our hosted voice solution allows faculty and staff to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Metro ethernet

Metro Ethernet

Scalable solutions that provide fast and reliable connectivity for K-12 across multiple buildings.


Wavelength Services

Secure, high-bandwidth and low-latency connections for data transmission, disaster recovery, public safety and more.


Keep sensitive information secure and protected

Managed WiFi

Reliable and secure wireless connectivity for K-12 schools.


24/7 monitoring and management of the network infrastructure.


Secure and efficient connectivity for schools with multiple locations.


Safeguard your school’s network against a variety of common online threats, including botnets, ransomware and more.

DDos Mitigation

Protect your school against complex and malicious attacks with one of the largest dedicated data scrubbing networks in the world.

Security as a Service

Fully managed, multi-layered cyber defense to protect K-12 school’s networks, devices and data.


Safe and efficient connectivity to cloud applications for schools.


Single unified network for enhanced scalability and security designed to scale at speed.


Improve operational productivity and connectivity

Cloud desktop

Cloud Desktop (DaaS)

Give students and faculty the ability to access information and apps from any device with an Internet connection.

Backup as service

Cloud Backup (BaaS)

Automatically backup critical information to the cloud, while keeping your data safe.

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Quickly recover data and applications in the event of an unexpected event.

Infrastructure as service

Infrastructure (IaaS)

Flexible and secure IT infrastructure solution for higher education that provides greater levels of automation and orchestration.

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With Cox Business, K-12 schools can be confident that they have the right solutions in place to meet the needs of everyone.

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