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Cox Business Voice with Webex

Whether in the office, remote or mobile, Webex from Cox Business delivers the communication and collaboration tools you need on one unified platform.

  • Improve communication with integrated calling from virtually anywhere on any device
  • Easily collaborate with messaging, group meetings, and video conferencing
  • Scalable, predictable pricing based on users and consumption

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Webex Plans

Our Webex plans allow your business to merge office phone numbers and mobile devices, allowing your employees to work and communicate from anywhere. Choose the best plan to fit your needs.


Webex is provided subject to Webex Terms of Service


Webex Calling Solutions

Webex from Cox Business provides businesses with the flexibility, simplicity and security they need to best serve customers and employees. This cloud-based collaboration solution unifies video and voice conferencing, messaging, and file sharing into one application, making it ideal for multiple business locations, a remote workforce, and employees on the go. Webex is also integrated with Cox Business’ existing voice solutions, such as IP Centrex and VoiceManager, helping improve communication and collaboration from virtually anywhere on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.  


  • Integrate your existing voice calling features with Webex apps and features.
  • Gain access to the latest HD video communication technology and advanced collaboration features.
  • Quickly increase productivity with a solution designed to be easily deployed and adopted.

Webex Features and Benefits

All-in-One Solution

Streamline your communication and collaboration with one solution tightly integrated with your Cox Business Voice services.

Advanced Security

Keep your files and messages safe with securely managed enterprise-grade encryption.


Work virtually anywhere and drive more effective meetings from any device using flexible, customizable tools with multiple communication options.

Enhanced Productivity

Increase productivity and collaboration with your workforce and vendors by integrating Cox Business Voice services with Webex. Easily set agendas, schedule meetings, share files and store documents in one place.

Cost Effective

Webex calling offers scalable, predictable pricing based on users and consumption, helping businesses budget and reduce expensive equipment costs.

Messaging and Screensharing

Enhance communication with messaging and screensharing. Whether collaborating one-to-one, in a group, or in a meeting, easily connect with colleagues, vendors, and customers.


Empower users with advanced features and management, like extension dialing, call forwarding, call transfer and more, in one easy-to-use app.

Webex Features




Cox Business Voice Calling




Instant Messaging




Group Chat




Video Calling




Space Meetings

Yes (25)

Yes (100)

Yes (300)

Personal meeting Room

Yes (25)

Yes (1,000)

Desktop Sharing




Guest Access




Call in Audio # for Meetings



Record Meetings


Webex FAQs

Cox Business Voice with Webex combines Voice and Video calling, messaging, conferencing and meetings into one unified, secure application, making it perfect for teams of all sizes. This all-in-one solution is tightly integrated with Cox Business Voice Services for a streamlined solution for communication and collaboration needs.

We offer Webex in three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Depending on your needs, choose the tier that best works for each employee and your business:

Basic: $4.99 per user
For VoiceManager customers, Basic includes Cox Voice integration, team messaging, 25-party “space” meetings and message storage of 2GB for 3 years.

Standard: $9.99 per user
Includes Cox Voice integration, team messaging, 100-party “space” meetings, 25-party Personal Meeting Room, and message storage of 5GB for 3 years.

Premium: $19.99 per user
Includes Cox Voice integration, team messaging, 300-party “space” meetings, 1,000 -party Personal Meeting Room, message storage of 10GB for 3 years.

Webex is available in select Cox Business service areas If you’re a current customer, adding Webex to your existing Cox Business Voice service is easy. It’s available for IP Centrex seats and Voice Manager lines.

Webex is fully integrated with Cox Business voice solutions. Maintain your Cox Business phone number and receive and make calls from the Webex app. Users can communicate in a multitude of ways, including audio calling, video calling, individual and group messaging, and meetings, whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Cox Business Voice with Webex also allows businesses to purchase from one supplier, simplifying billing and support.

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