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Healthcare IT Solutions

Empowering Digital Healthcare Transformation

Deliver optimized patient care and power your operations with Cox Business’s extensive portfolio of technology and connectivity solutions.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities

Connect Healthcare Facilities

 Cox Business’ secure and efficient network is designed to help keep healthcare facilities connected, delivering critical patient care.

Improve care

Improve Care Delivery

Store, access, and manage medical records from virtually anywhere through secure data sharing, improving the ability to stay up to date on patient care.

Operational excellence

Increase Operational Efficiency

Access and analyze real-time location data to streamline hospital workflows, staff efficiency and improve the staff and patient experience.

Wireless carriers

Support Staff Connectivity

Create a customized wireless network to support staff and patients, scale existing cellular networks, and improve patient experiences.

IT Services for Healthcare

Solving Challenges for the Healthcare Industry

Cox Business works with hospitals nationwide to improve how care is delivered through innovation, investment,
and partnership. Our experts will work closely with you to determine the solutions you need, so your staff can focus on what matters most: patients.

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Connected Solutions to Power Healthcare

Power your operations and optimize care delivery with real-time location systems, connectivity, managed cloud, and networking solutions.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Cox Business is more than just a great network and reliable internet access. Our full healthcare portfolio enables hospitals and healthcare providers to increase collaboration, operational efficiency, and clinical workflows, while building connections and leading to better patient care. Through consultation, let’s discuss your challenges and build the best solution to fit your needs.

Internet and managed wifi

Internet & Managed WiFi

Whether your hospital needs fully monitored, enterprise grade dedicated internet that provides speed and high-capacity bandwidth or secure wireless connectivity, Cox Business can help.



Securely and efficiently connect hospitals with multiple locations across the network and ensure data properly transports from one location to another.

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS)

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS)

Track and monitor assets, people, and environments within your hospital to increase operational efficiency, workflows, and staff/patient experiences with Cox Prosight.

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Simplify IT management, increase patient-doctor communication and share information in real-time with our managed cloud solutions. 

Private Wireless Networks

Private Wireless Networks

Dedicated, reliable connectivity to support staff connectivity needs, scale existing in-building public cellular networks, and improve patient experiences through private networks infrastructure.

Video Services

Video Services

Enhance patient and guest experiences with customizable in-room video solutions.

Hosted Voice and Collaboration

Hosted Voice and Collaboration

Increase operational efficiency and simplify communications across your hospital and network.

customer stories

Customer Success Story

We're proud to help businesses everywhere reach their customers—and their goals.

Nebraska Methodist Health System and Cox Business

Learn how Nebraska Methodist keeps life-saving technology running with robust telecommunication services and more.

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