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Change or Reset a Voice Mail PIN on MyAccount


Follow the appropriate steps below to change or reset your voice mail PIN.

Change Your PIN

This process requires you to know the existing PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, see the Reset Forgotten PIN steps below.

  1. On your telephone, press the envelope button or dial *298.
  2. Press 4 to access the Personal Options menu.
  3. Press 4 to access the Personal Preferences menu.
  4. Press 1 to enter a new PIN.
  5. Enter a new four to eight-digit PIN and then press #.

Reset Forgotten PIN

If you do not have access to your business account from the MyAccount portal, contact your administrator to change your voice mail PIN.

  1. Log in to MyAccount.
  2. Select My Services, then select Voice Mail Settings.

    Image of Select Voice Mail Settings
  3. From the MESSAGING CONTROLS window, select Mailbox PIN Code.
    Image of Select Mailbox PIN Code
  4. In the New Pin field, enter a four to eight-digit number.

    The requirements for the PIN are explained on the VOICE MAILBOX PIN window.

  5. In the Confirm New Pin field, re-enter the PIN.
  6. Click Save.