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Upload and Manage Voice Mail Greetings In MyAccount


Use the following steps to upload voice mail greetings and manage voice mail options in MyAccount.

Note: All steps to initialize your voice mailbox must be completed prior to using this feature. See Setting up VoiceMail for more information. 


In a web browser, go to MyAccount.


On the MyAccount Sign In page, enter your User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.


On the MyAccount homepage, click the My Services icon, then click Voice Tools.


On the Voice Tools page, click the Voicemail icon.

Image of the Voicemail icon in MyAccount

Note: If the voicemail icon doesn't display, then refer to Managing Users and Permissions in MyAccount to edit user permissions to allow Voice services management.


From the Voice Mail Tools page, click Voice Mail Settings, then click Voice Mail Greetings.


From the Voice Mail Greetings page, next to the desired greeting type, in the Manage Greeting column, click one of the following options.

  • Upload Greeting: To upload a new greeting for the first time.
  • Replace Greeting: If there is a previously uploaded greeting you wish to replace.

    image of the upload greeting column highlighted.

From the Upload Greeting File pop-up window, click Choose File, then select the appropriate file from your computer.

Note: Confirm that the new greeting adheres to the following guidelines, and adjust your file as needed.

  • The file size must be less than 1 MB.
  • The greeting length must be less than three minutes.
  • The file must be in .wav and u-law format.
  1. Review the disclaimer, then place a check in the box next to I have read and understand this disclaimer.
  2. Click Continue.

    image of uploading a file in the pop-up window

    Result: The file uploads to MyAccount and the pop-up window closes.

From the Voice Mail Greetings page, in the row for the greeting you would like to manage, in the Activate Greeting column, click the toggle.

image of the activate/deactivate toggle

Result: The toggle is blue when the greeting is activated; when the greeting is deactivated, the toggle is white. To listen to your uploaded greetings, click Play.

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