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Managing Your Internet Gateway WiFi Information in MyAccount


With the Gateway WiFi Reference Information page in MyAccount, you can store your unique Cox Business Internet Gateway WiFi network settings securely. Use the followings steps to locate, review, or update your stored gateway configuration settings.

Note: The information stored in the Gateway WiFi Reference Information page does not change or update the configurations or behavior of your gateway or WiFi network.


In a web browser, go to myaccount.coxbusiness.com.

  1. Enter your User ID and Password.
  2. Click Sign In.

    Note: If you do not remember your User ID or Password, or experience an issue signing in, then see Trouble Signing in on the Cox Website.

Complete the following steps.

  1. Scroll down to the My Services section and click the Internet tab.

    Image of the My Service section with the Internet tab highlighted

  2. In the Internet Tools section, click the Internet Gateway icon.

    Image of the My Services section with the Internet Gateway icon highlighted

From the Internet Gateway window, select the Gateway / Guest WiFi Reference Info option, then click Next.

Image of the Internet Gateway window in MyAccount


Do you want to review or enter new information for your Primary WiFi or Guest WiFi network? Select the appropriate option from the Select a Device drop-down.

  • To manage your Primary WiFi settings, select the GATEWAY option.
  • To manage your Guest WiFi settings, select the GUESTWIFI option.

Image of the select a device drop-down


Review or enter new information for your WiFi settings using the following fields, then click Save.

  • Gateway Name/Guest WiFi Name
  • Admin User Name

    Note: This setting and field is the same for both the Primary WiFi and Guest WiFi networks.
  • Admin Password

    Note: This setting and field is the same for both the Primary WiFi and Guest WiFi networks.
  • Wireless Network Name (SSID)
  • Wireless Security Mode
  • Network Password (Pre-Shared Key)
  • Local IP Address of Router

    Note: The default is
  • Cox Static IP Address
  • IP Address Range
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • Notes
  • Backup Configuration File

    Note: Not all fields must be completed in order to save this reference information; however, Cox recommends that you save as much detail as possible for future use.

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