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Viewing Your Payment History in MyAccount


Follow the steps below to view or print your payment transactions.


Go to MyAccount.coxbusiness.com and sign in using your User ID and Password.

Note: If you have not registered a User ID, you may do so by selecting Register.


From the MyAccount Overview window, complete the following steps.

  1. In the My Bills section, click the I Want To... menu.

    Image of MyAccount Overview window with I want to... button
  2. From the drop-down menu, click View Recent Transactions.

    Image of View Recent Transactions on drop-down menu

From the All Transactions window, you may complete any of the following actions.

Note: If you have multiple accounts, locate the appropriate account and click Select.

  • In the Search field, enter any of the following information to search for a specific payment.
    • Date the payment was made
    • Method of payment
    • Type of payment
    • Amount of payment
    • Confirmation number
    • Statement number
  • Filter payment transactions by Begin Date and End Date.
  • Export a list of payment transactions to PDF or CSV file.

Image of All Transactions Table


To view the details of a specific payment, click on the arrow to expand a single transaction to view the following information.

  • Method of payment
  • Statement number
  • Confirmation number
  • How the payment was made

Image of Transaction Drop-Down


To print a receipt of the transaction, click Print under the Paid Via section.

Image of Print Link

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