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Setting Up Call Pickup in MyAccount


Call Pickup enables answering any line ringing within a Call Pickup Group. It is available with the VoiceManager Anywhere package and IP Centrex service.

Use the steps below to configure Call Pickup in MyAccount.


Access MyAccount and sign in with your User ID and Password.


In My Services section, under the Voice tab, click Voice Tools.

Image of MyAccount My Services section highlighting Voice Tools


In the Advanced Call Settings section, click View more Features.


Under the Team Calling section, click the Call Pickup link.


Click the Add Call Pickup Group link.


In the Group Name field, enter the names for those who can answer calls for each other.


Are all available users being added to the Call Pickup group?

  • If yes, then click Add All.
  • If no, then select the names from the Available Users list and click Add.

image of adding users to the call pickup group in myaccount


  • To remove users from the Assigned Users list, select the name from the list and click Remove, or click Remove All to clear the list.
  • To find a user that is not in the Available Users list, in the Search field, type the user's name.

Click the Save and Return button.

Result: A message indicates your Call Pickup Group was added. It will now be available in the My Call Pickup Group section.


Use the following information to use your Call Pickup feature.

  • For VoiceManager and IP Centrex customers, to answer an incoming call using Call Pickup, press *98 on your phone.
  • For IP Centrex customers only, you can configure your phone to add a Call Pickup soft key to answer an incoming call. Contact us for help managing your Soft Key configuration.

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