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Generating a Report in Your Subscriber Portal


In the subscriber portal, you may view system reports on the following:

  • Location Summary Report: Graphs sensor activity, opening, and closing events for the report period
  • Location Open/Close Report: Shows open/close events for the location
  • Alarms & Issues Report: Shows all alarms/issues for the location
  • Sensor Activity Report: Shows a count of sensor activations and the first and last activation time for the report period
  • Arming/Disarming Summary: Provides the date and time for all arming and disarming activity
  • Heating and Cooling Health Report: Shows a monthly heating and cooling usage analysis with runtime statistics

The reports may be generated to run daily, weekly, or monthly and are delivered to email recipients assigned to receive the reports.

Follow the steps below to generate reports in the Security Solutions subscriber portal.


From your web browser, navigate to Cox Business MyAccount to access Security Solutions.

From the Home page, in the left-hand menu, click Activity.

Image of Activity menu
From the Activity window, click Reports.

Image of Activity window Reports button
To create a new report, complete the following steps.
  1. On the Reports screen, click +NEW REPORT.

    Image of Add New Report button

  2. The Add a New Report pop-up window displays with a selection of reports to choose from. Click on the report type that you would like to create.

    Image of Add New Report pop-up window

  3. From the Report window, enter the necessary information to create the report. The toggle next to the report title displays blue to indicate the report is scheduled to run.

    Image of Create A Report window
To edit a report, complete the following steps.
  1. From the Reports screen, locate the report you would like to edit, click the pencil icon.

    Image of Pencil icon to Edit report

  2. On the Report screen, complete the desired edits.
  3. To turn the reporting off, click the toggle next to the report title to display gray.

    Image of Report toggle in Off position

  4. To cancel the report, scroll to the bottom of the Report window, click the CANCEL button.

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